We Support Our Feathered Friends

The boys and girls of Portpatrick Primary want to take care of our bird wildlife as the weather turns colder.

Everyone has been involved in making seed feeders for the birds. It was a bit of a messy process, but the children rolled up their sleeves and made feeders using pinecones and by shaping the seed/fat mix into balls with string attached to allow us to tie them to locations in our school grounds for the birds to enjoy.

Getting stuck into the mix:

It was an excuse to climb a tree or two to position our feeders for our feathered friends:

The children used the activity as an enterprise project and have worked out unit costs for each bird snack made.  We have made enough extra to sell at the upcoming village craft fayre on the 27th of November.  The boys and girls calculated an appropriate prices to produce a small profit.  Every one sold will help raise funds for our wee school.

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