FALLing in love with autumn…

On Thursday the boys and girls in Primary 1-3 were simply FALLing in love with autumn. Despite the weather the children donned their best wellington boots and set off out into the rain. OHH WHAT FUN WE HAD!!! Rather than being sat inside in the cold and wet we were running around in the autumnal leaves and splashing in the puddles outdoors. The children collected leaves which will be used next week in our art work to create an autumn scene.  Children discussed prior learning of the green cross code when out on our walk and also remembered some of the French language we had learnt for classroom commands, weather, months of the year and seasons.

On arrival back to school we got changed out of our wet clothes and enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate -made with warm milk- and some roasted marshmallows which were professionally roasted using a blow torch by the fabulous Kim.

See below for some photos;

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