Meet Sammy, Our New Eco Mascot

As part of our Eco Schools action points, the children were set a challenge of designing an Eco Mascot for Portpatrick Primary. The requirements were to draw a mascot that represented our eco targets incorporating recycling features into their creation.

The entries were so good we decided to award a prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Here are the winning entries:






1st – Izzy White







2nd – Ava Lily







3rd – Alba White







Sammy has now taken pride of place on our Eco Display.

Linking across topics, the children in P5 – 7 also created party manifestos incorporating elements of Learning for Sustainability and the Rights of the Child. They canvassed their electorate and presented their manifesto speeches to the class.  A democratic vote was held and a coalition party was formed with the B.E.A. and Panther parties.









Manifesto Pledge

Well done everyone!

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