Maths Week Scotland at Portpatrick Round Up

The boys and girls Portpatrick Primary have been enjoying and celebrating maths Week Scotland in both classes. Below is a description of our week and some of the fantastic activities. Once again the children had lots of fun and laugher during Maths Week Scotland.

On Friday 24th of September children took part in a STEM building activity on where they recreated a model version of Portpatrick Village. We used our map reading skills to create a scaled version of Portpatrick and then used our positional language to organise the models correctly.

On Monday the boys and girls took part in the Mini Olympic Challenge. Children were tasked with multiple activities which enabled them to train like real athletes. This included recording the number of each activity. Recording person bests and calculating improved times and calculating and measuring during distance throw. We all got in the spirit by having our very own flags too.

On Tuesday the children focused on Maths and careers. They discussed the different types of maths that people use in everyday life and how all careers use maths. We played a game to identify some of the obvious maths skills needed for each job and then smaller skills which are less obvious were awarded with higher points. We listened to some presentations from outside speakers and finished off by playing the “Game of life”.

On Wednesday the upper class took part in the live NFU lesson and found out how cheese is made on a farm. We calculated air miles and the importance of reducing air miles by using locally sourced food to create pizzas.

On Thursday we welcomed the Maths roadshow which provided pupils with the chance to engage in levelled problem-solving activities. Problems required the children to use multiple different aspects of maths as well as develop their teamwork and communication skills.

On Friday we took part in the big maths bake off. This involved measuring out ingredients, used and reading scales, following instructions and reading ordinal numbers. Children had to work as part of a team and organise themselves and all the equipment that they needed.

The older children made Cous Cous as a way of using and applying maths in recipe instructions.


P5 – 7 followed a village maths trail; using an applying observation and calculation to find maths in our local environment.

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