Eco Gardening – Food & The Environment

As part of our Eco Schools Action Plan, P 4 to 7 got their green fingers working today.  The boys and girls cleared the raised beds and planted a range of vegetables in the beds and in recycled waste tubs.

  • leeks
  • carrots
  • turnip
  • kale
  • radish
  • runner beans
  • potatoes

To promote an insect friendly area, we also planted flowers:

  • Nigella
  • Echium
  • Cornflower
  • Nicotiana






We re-homed the grubs we found in our planting areas to make sure our seedlings didn’t get munched.






Atticus built our first self-watering plant pot which we used to plant transferred coriander.  He threaded string through from the soil chamber through the lid to the inverted water reservoir.  As the soil dries out , the water will travel up the string through capillary action – a wee bit of science in action!  We will make more of these if we gather more drinks bottles to recycle.  Why not try this at home!

In addition, we recycled milk cartons to make into hanging herb planters – more to follow on that.

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