Easter Themed STEM Challenge

P4-7 got stuck in to an egg-cellent STEM problem solving challenge this afternoon.  The children had to design a zip wire basket capable of transporting a Cadbury’s creme egg on a zip-wire run using just pipe cleaners and a key ring loop.

The boys and girls worked in small groups to problem solve using rudimentary materials.  Every group designed a basket that securely held the egg in place.

Trial and error led to our changing one variable:  The angle of the zip line.

We found that the egg would move down the zip line if it was at the correct angle. If the zip line was at a lesser angle , gravity would not move the egg down the zip line demonstrating inertia.  Inertia is a law of physics that states an object will stay at rest until some kind of force acts upon it. Hence, we increased our angle from our initial position to allow the egg to reach the final travel point.

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