S.T.E.M. And A Movie

Portree received their reward for achieving the most termly merits for their house team today.  The children elected to have a Christmas themed movie session.  The boys and girls picked Nativity Rocks.  They cozied in and relaxed to view a modern twist on the classic story.

Dunskey joined in with their own Christmas themed activity for the afternoon.  The children worked collaboratively to design and build a sleigh for Santa to deliver his presents.  They had to select a range of materials that would fit the construction task, then plan and build their model.

There was great evidence of applying the skills for work and life (employability skills).  Everyone was able to use teamwork to problem solve, organise and adapt as a group.  The results were impressive.  The children even considered aerodynamics, capacity storage and accessibility for the jolly man himself. Well done to all for successfully achieving the desired outcome. Mrs Baillie judged the winning entry – Robin Alfie, Rebecca and Carter!

After they had completed their challenge, Dunskey was invited to join Portree to enjoy a bit of the movie too.

# Successful Learners

# Effective Contributors


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