VIP Visitor Comes To Portpatrick Primary

The boys and girls had a VERY special visitor arrive this afternoon…

Santa appeared in our playground in his motorised sleigh, complete with antlers, no less!

Everyone was surprised and delighted to see him. He said a socially distanced, “Ho, Ho, Ho!” to all the children.   Santa chatted to the boys and girls and told us all that he was getting ready for the big day.  He said that we have to be tucked up in our beds, sleeping, on Christmas Eve so he and his elves can work their magic.

We sung some Christmas songs out in the fresh air to entertain Santa.  He very kindly gave the children a big sack of goodies as an early Christmas treat. It was then time for Santa to leave to carry on with his preparations in his workshop.

Thank you to Santa and his Elf for their kindness.  We all appreciate it very much.


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