Elf On The Shelf: P4-7 Week 2

The mischief continues..

On Monday, Jingles decided to build the boys and girls a ‘ginger’ bread house.  We think he had a munch as he was working on it.

On Tuesday, Jingles teamed up with the Elvis the Elf who is visiting Class 1.  Together they decided to enjoy some winter sports.  They headed for the slopes for a spot of skiing.

Winter fun

On Wednesday, Jingles left a treat for the children courtesy of Rudolf. I don’t think they were too keen to sample his offering of Free Reindeer Poo 😉

On Thursday, Jingles Elf and Elvis Elf from Class One left some learning challenges for the children.

A clue was hidden under one of the golden cups placed ALL OVER the hall floor.  It was a fun, free-for-all with Alfie finding the winning cup to reveal our activity.


The message said that we were going to bake Christmas Butter Cookies.  The elves had left us all the ingredients we needed. The children had to follow a basic recipe to make cookies.  Each group was required to apply their knowledge of reading weighing scales to measure butter, flour and sugar in the right quantities.  They had to interpret and follow an instruction text in the right sequence to produce their cookies correctly.  Everyone practiced their employability skills of problem solving, numeracy skills, teamwork, communication and organisation.

The boys and girls used the baking experience to practice their instruction writing skills to recreate the recipe from memory.

The next challenge was to make a 3D kitchen scene for Jingles using 2D maths nets.  The children had to figure out how the net would be folded and shaped to create an oven and flour bags etc.  They created a diorama for Jingles to use as his kitchen.  We think he likes it!

On Friday, Jingles spun a spell and created a magical shrinking machine.  How he managed to shrink the Oreo biscuits remains a mystery.  We hope he behaves himself over the weekend whilst we are not in school!

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