Anti-Bullying Week Begins

Portpatrick Primary are demonstrating that we are responsible citizens this week.  As part of Anti-Bullying Week, we are discussing and sharing ours views on the subject of bullying.

The boys and girls came to school dressed in odd socks to celebrate difference.  We designed our own odd socks and chatted about how all of our differences made us unique and special.

Both classes held virtual assemblies, as provided by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, hosted by BBC presenter Andy, with special guests including Mo Farah and Anne-Marie!

P4-7 carried out a scrunching paper activity to demonstrate the impact of mean behaviour towards others.  We started off with a smooth sheet of blank paper, representing our unblemished feelings.  Each child then wrote down examples of mean things that someone might say to another.  For every comment, we scrunched our paper a little bit.  By the end of the task we had a crumbled ball.  We then tried to smooth our paper to get it back to the way it was before all of the mean words.  We realised, that the paper could never be returned to the way it was after its experience, just in the same way that hurtful words and deeds can cause lasting upset to a child.

P4-7 moved on to define what is meant by the term bullying.  We identified strategies to tackle this issue.  We then used this knowledge to create our own anti-bullying advice posters and displayed them in our hall; along with our fabulously colourful odd sock artwork.

Responsible Citizens

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