Children In Need 2020

Wow!  Portpatrick Primary pupils have gone that extra mile to support this year’s Children In Need.

Our day started with a parade of all our wonderful onesies, pj’s and spotty attire.  Don’t the boys and girls look fabulous?

Next up, we jumped into action to participate in the final session of Joe Wick’s 24 hour workout. It was hot work, but we gave it our all.

The children then enjoyed decorating Pudsey’s face, hand crafted by Kim, with small change that our families very kindly sent in.  It makes a pretty picture. Mrs Ross brought in her penny jar to add to our loose change collection.  Thank you!

We opened our Pudsey shop for the final time.  The children generously bought Pudsey ears and Pudsey badges.  They also had a final go of guessing the name of the penguin.  The boys and girls also used their maths skills to estimate many cubes were in the jar.

Conor and Scott won our cute penguin by selecting the name Icicle.  There were 264 cubes in the jar.  Ruby was the winner with her closest estimate.

We then used our maths skills to sort and count up all of the coins and notes we had collected.  After our fund raising efforts, £174 will  be going to Children In Need, which is great result for a wee school.

We received many kind donations and contributions from our fundraising team -the Pineapple Squad, our families, the wider community and even the King Slayer move crew at Dunskey. Thank you very much everyone.  Your kindness will help change children’s lives.

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