Outdoor Learning Day P1-4

Outdoor Classroom Day
Primary 1- 4 

Primary 1 pupils enjoyed some woodland addition and subtraction by using sticks as concrete materials  and writing the answers in chalk in the tree trunks. Pupils then tried to count beyond 20 and made piles of sticks in groups of ten. Primary 2 pupils were on hand to show the boys and girls how to count in 10’s and together the counted up to 100.
Primary 2-4 were exploring different types of 2D shapes and discussing the properties. First, we used sticks to individually make the different shapes and check our prior knowledge. After, pupils then had a group task where they worked in threes to investigate the different types of triangles. We spoke about equilateral, isosceles, scalene and right angled triangles. We learned that all triangles must add up to 180° and that different triangles have different properties.

Shortly after our break we had story time where the boys and girls listened and enjoyed a lovely exciting story about a witch. We talked about the language used in the story to describe the characters and how to build characterisation. Next, we made our own characters using natural materials that we found around us. Each group had to describe their characters and write some of the describing words down using chalk.

Pupils created leaf necklaces using dry autumn leaves, a piece of string and a small twig which was used to pierce the leafs. The results were beautiful!
In the afternoon we went a walk down the beach and enjoyed some sand castle STEM building using natural materials that’s we found on the beach. Recently, we are trying to identify the different employability skills and how play can help us develop as young adults. We discussed how we used cooperation, collaboration and communication skills to create our sandcastles.

Global Citizenship/ Sustainable Development Education
When we were at the beach we also discussed the amount of litter and plastic that was washed up in the seaweed. We spoke about how damaging plastic can be and when we returned to school we decided that we would try to raise awareness of the damages of plastic. The children spoke about how people were using lots of plastic because of the pandemic- and thought this was maybe because it was disposable- we said that we would try to do our bit by bringing our reusable plastic bottles into school and always putting our litter in the bin. Next week we will create some posters and a short film clip to explain what we can all do to help reduce the amount of plastic we use.

Below are some photos from the day;



Global Citizenship/ Sustainable Development Education

Extra Snaps

Audio to follow on Monday …

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