Pumpkin Pie Anyone?

Our Halloween STEM fun continued today as we got stuck in to a food technology team activity.  We scooped out pumpkin flesh and followed an instruction text recipe to make the American Halloween treat of pumpkin pie. We used a variety of food preparation techniques such as chopping, boiling, blending, mixing and rolling etc.

Robin’s uncle was up at the crack of dawn making short crust pastry, to Gillespies’s secret recipe, for us to use for our pies.  We all agreed the pastry was just delicious.  Thank you so much to Iain!

Many of us had never tasted pumpkin pie and we were keen to try it. We can report that the flavour didn’t disappoint.

Nothing was wasted as we roasted the pumpkin seeds.  We enjoyed eating this nutritious and healthy snack.

The children were in charge of the tasks in the activity.  This included using their technology skills to record our steps with digital photography.  The boys and girls also designed and carved the pumpkin for themselves.

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