Maths Week – Coordinates Game 02/10/20

For our last day of maths week, P4-7 have been learning and revising our knowledge of coordinates.  We introduced our activity by locating the treasure on a pirate’s treasure map by plotting and locating coordinates.

We then went outside to play a game of human battleships.  The children worked out the appropriate size of grid for a fair probability of getting a hit for someone’s position when standing on the grid.  We decided that a 6 x 6 grid would give a probability of 1 in 36 chance of getting a hit for each person standing in a grid location.  We calculated all the possible grid coordinates that we would need to play and created grid cards accordingly.

Next, we split into two teams.  Each member of our ‘ship’ team selected a square to stand in.  The ‘submarine’ team then drew out coordinate cards from a bag.  If the coordinate on the card matched the position that a ‘ship’ (person) was standing in, then they were sunk.

The children were very enthusiastic and had great fun whilst learning in the sunshine.

Successful Learners

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