King slayer Movie Set Visit

P1-7 had a special treat today as we visited the set of the feature length movie, Kingslayer,  being filmed on location at our local Dunskey Estate.

Mr and Mrs Orr Ewing and the film production team, Stronghold London Limited, kindly invited the pupils to join them to learn a little about how movies are made.  The period film is being directed by Stuart Brennan  who also stars in the movie along with Carolina Carlsson, Ryan Gage and Ellie-Rose Mackinlay.

We all met around the fire pit where we were entertained with a lively talk about life in medieval times by actor and director, Stuart Brennan.  We saw replica weapons and had the opportunity to look at period costume examples. We then got to witness a sword fight and found out how each step is carefully choreographed over a long period of time to get it just right.

Next, we were invited on set, in the woods, to watch an scene being filmed.  We could see the many different people who work in the industry who are required to film scenes and make film production possible.  This experience helps children understand the varied career paths and options that might be available to them in the future.

It was an insightful experience which the children thoroughly enjoyed.  Everyone was given a little memento of the day; a laminated shooting schedule for today’s filming signed by the stars of the film.

Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible.

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