Maths Week – P4-7 2D/3D Shape Observation

P4 – 7 kicked off Maths Week by learning about how architects use maths and science in their jobs to design structures.

We looked around our classroom to identify the range of 2D and 3D shapes that were visible.  Despite the drizzle, we extended our observation by going for a walk in the village to see how many other shapes we could identify.  We found a wide range.  The older buildings provided a greater range of shapes in their structures. We made sure to look up to spot the triangular prism shapes of roofs and the triangular structures on dorma windows.

We discussed why the square and rectangular shapes were more common on modern buildings; with their properties of tiling and tessellating easily together.

We created a tally chart of our shape spotting.  We then used technology to plot a graph of our results before we analysed our data by answering a range of questions.  For example; Why do you think this structure has been designed this way?   How does this shape provide structural support?

Have a look the photos of our activity.

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