Rhins Coastal Path Project – Fauna & Flora

Today P 4- 7 joined Elizabeth Tindal for another outdoor session in the glorious sunshine.  We walked up the steps at the start of the Southern Upland Way path.  As we strolled, we took time to observe the different fauna and flora that grew along the pathway.

We tasted edible leaves, which were a bit nippy on the tongue and discussed salt environment hardy species of flowers such as the pink sea campion.  We learned that this plant  thrives along the coastline.  There were a few butterfly visitors to the flowers as we watched.  As the seed pods were ready, we gathered and scattered some seeds to help the species propagate and support our insect wildlife.

Next, we recycled card with a strip of double sided tape along it. We used this to gather a collection of plant colours and textures as we walked farther along.  We were careful to only pick tiny samples from each of the plants. There was a kaleidoscope of colours to choose from.

We even got to get up close and personal with an insect.  Can you identify it? 😉

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