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P6 – Carlingwark

We climbed Screel the first day and went for tea at Scottish Pantry. On Day 2 we orienteered and mountain biked. The pupils were brilliant as were the Outdoor Ed instructors Alex, Ian and Mike. A big thank you from Miss Cooper & Miss Stewart to Miss O’Farrell and Eve’s mum for their help on the trip.


P6/5 & P6 – Disgusting Digestion

Pupils went on a fascinating journey through the human body last week when Body Works on Tour from Glasgow Science Centre visited the school. There were demos that explained the human digestive system and the circulatory system. It looks like Miss Stewart was having lots of fun!!

Fascinating Fact – A set of human lungs has enough surface area to cover an entire tennis court, and the capillaries in our lungs would cover 1,600km if placed end to end.

P6/5 -Term 3

Lego WeDo

Our school borrowed Lego WeDo kits from the Raise team. We were excited to try the kits out in class.  Following the step by step instructions we built fans, Mars rovers, glowing snails and motion sensors.  We can’t wait for our Lego WeDo project now we know how the parts work.

Camouflage Painting

We have been learning about how animals adapt to survive. This week we explored how animals change colours to camouflage against their environment to help animals find food and stop becoming food.  Miss Stewart challenged us to camouflage a hand against various backgrounds.  What an exceptional job achieved by all.



Our Fantastic Beasts – Lego WeDo Project

Miss Stewart challenged us to build our own fantastic beast, working in pairs as a team to complete our moving projects (that’s right – we needed a moving part for our animal :o). With lots of trial and error, combined with hard work and communication – WE DID IT!