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P4/3 – Red Nose Day

P4/3 had fun for Red Nose Day. We dressed in red, wore our red noses and brought donations for this worthwhile cause. We showed our creative side by designing our very own red noses inspired by the ones we have been wearing!

P4/3 – World Book Day

On Thursday 27th of March it was World Book Day. P4/3 had a fairy tale investigation with Miss Bell and then logged in to Get Epic (a reading website) during our ICT time. Once our profiles were set up we decided what sort of books we would like to read and were amazed at all the choices there are. You can even get the computer to read your book to you!

Later on we watched and listened to the poet Michael Rosen who made us all laugh!


P4/3 – Science Visit

On Wednesday 27th of February we had a visit from the Glasgow Science Centre.  We heard a fascinating talk about the digestive system and the journey our food takes through our body.  We loved volunteering to help with the demonstrations! Look how long your intestines are!

Later we had a hands-on workshop about many different aspects of the body. Our particular favourites were the thermal imaging camera and screen, multi-tasking speed test and 3D body part jigsaws.

P4/3 -Africa

P4/3 has been learning about Africa and used what we found out to inspire our Nobleskills modelling sessions . We had a great time creating a clothes peg safari. We learned that the Ndebele people decorate their homes and clothes with bright patterns and had a go at this ourselves by making models of their huts.


P4 – Swimming Lessons

P4 pupils recently took part in swimming lessons at DGOne@Dumfries Ice Bowl during Jan/Feb. The pupils were a credit to the school and their families. Super behaviour and effort all round! All pupils should have brought home a leaflet with further details about swimming lessons.