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P2 – Felt Fun

Thank you so much to Diana Stewart (a.k.a Miss Stewarts’s mum) who taught us how to do ‘wet felting’. We had such fun learning this new skill. #feltfun #soapsudscleanhands #soaking mrsvallance

P2 – Science Visit

What a wonderful experience Bodyworks on Tour was for the children. they enjoyed a presentation about the digestive system (yuck factor of course!) and then took part in a variety of interactive workshops such as memory challenges, body heat cameras and 3D puzzles. Thank you to Mrs Boyd and the Parent Council.



P2 – Science


P2 pupils and Mrs Boyom enjoyed finding out about Sound and how it travels in waves. We carried out some experiments to show that a tuning fork, when tapped,  sends out vibrations which can splash water out of a tub or even make a ping pong ball on a string bounce around!  We also had great fun trying out a ‘string telephone’.


This term we have been learning about different types of map – we have investigated map symbols and practised reading maps as well as designing our own.  We found out that the Key of a map and colour-coding is very important.