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P1 Farm Visit

P1 visited Smallholmburn Farm this week as part of their farming topic. Farmer Stewart showed them how to milk cows and they were lucky to see an Arla tanker and learn what happens to milk when it leaves the farm. Vet Ian gave a scan to an expectant cow. It looks like everyone had a fantastic time.

P1- World Book Day

Primary 1 celebrated World Book Day in style. All of the children looked fantastic in their costumes.

We have let the children do the talking……

“I loved dressing up” – Max

“I liked bringing a book to read” – Cooper

“I enjoyed playing Harry Potter with Oliver” – Niamh

“I liked eating the fruit” – Summer

“I liked when I got to swap my book” – Saskia

“I liked potato printing after reading Oliver’s vegetables” – Jacob

“I liked dressing up as Mary Poppins” – Olivia

“I got a Horrid Henry book in the book swap” – James

“I liked being Wonder Women for the day” – Chloe

“Everybody dressed up as different things” – Goda