Victorian School Day

On Thursday 19th November, Primary 1 and Primary 1/2 had a wonderful day pretending to be in a Victorian school. They have been learning about the history of our school and have been really engaged in finding out about life in the past. The children played playground games including hopscotch, clapping games, skipping, oranges and lemons, and marbles. They took part in some old fashioned literacy lessons. We were so impressed with how engaged and motivated the children were in taking part in all the activities. Several parents from the upper school had donated outfits which some of the children were able to try on! Dumfries Library allowed us to use a box with artefacts and photographs from Victorian schools and the children were very interested in all the old objects and how they were used. The children then used these experiences to help them write a short story about being at school a long time ago! It was a fantastic day and both the staff and children enjoyed it a great deal!

Mrs Mackenzie, Mrs Howie and Miss Douglas

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