Friday 13th was the day for a very successful fundraiser at Dalbeattie Primary where the proceeds were divided between Children in Need and The Janice Jamieson Memorial Trust Fund. Pupils enjoyed having a non uniform day and brought in £1 each. Some children chose to dress up as superheroes or as champions. ‘Champions’ was also the theme of an extra ‘Sports Champion’ anagram quiz. Our pictures show some of the children in their superhero or sports champions outfits. Our 11 school councillors are pictured with an array of Pudsey prizes before presenting them to 4 lucky winners, Emma Newbould, Finlay Burns, Amie McKerrow and Rhuari Webster. Money going to the Janice Jamieson Memorial Trust Fund will be used to sponsor a young person through his/her education in Malawi.



Karate and Gymnastic Champions

Karate and Gymnastics Champions 

motorsport, curling, boxing and cycling sports

Motorsport, Curling, Boxing and Cycling Sports Heroes


Reece The Champion Knight

The Champion Knight

the winners of the sports champion anagram quiz

Winners of the sports anagram quiz.


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