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Activity 1 – Fraction Facts

Focus – I can  find simple fraction of a number using my multiplication facts.

Resources – paper and pens.

Work together to create as many questions as you can (go for at least 10) that have

a) the answer 6 e.g. 1/10 of 60, 1/2 of 12

b) the answer 15 e.g. 1/2 of 30, 1/4 of 60

c) Challenge a partner with a different number / have a race to see who can think of four fraction facts first, etc


Activity 2 – Sorting Objects 1

Focus – I can identify, create and calculate unit fractions and can record them in different ways.

Resources – variety of household objects.

Collect some small objects for sorting, e.g. coins, grapes or sweets. Choose a multiple of 4, e.g. 16, 20, 24, 28 or 32 and count out that many objects. Share the objects with another family member  e.g. one person gets one quarter of them and another gets three quarters of them each time, e.g. 16 sweets, Mum gets 4 and child gets 12. Make a list of the different fractions made.




Activity 3 – Badge Making

Focus – I can find simple fractions of a number using my multiplication facts.

Resources – squared paper (from school)

Draw different shaped badges made from up to 16 squares using squared paper. Then shade each badge and write statements about what fraction of each badge is each colour, e.g. 3/16 of this badge is red, 8/16 or 1/2 is yellow, etc




Activity 4 – Sorting Objects 2

Focus – I can find simple fractions of a number using my multiplication facts.

Resources – small household objects.

Sort 24 small identical objects, such as 1p coins, grapes or sweets into two equal groups, then into three equal groups, then four, then six and then eight equal groups. Write  the number in the groups e.g. 1/2 of 24 = 12, 1/4 of 24 = 6, 2/4 of 24 = 12, 3/4 of 24 = 18, etc. Ask your child to note when a group or groups have the same number, e.g. 2/8 of 24 = 1/4 of 24 = 6.




Activity 5 – Fraction Snap

Focus – I can create a set of equal fractions and can decide if fractions are equal.

Resources – paper and pens

Cut paper into small playing card size.  Make up sets of cards with a range of different fractions and their equivalents. Use the cards to play Snap or Pairs.





Activity 6 – Animal Puzzle

Focus – I can work out a fraction of a number (whole number answers).

Resources – paper and pens

Work together to solve this puzzle.
A farmer has 90 animals in a field. 4/9 are sheep, 1/3 are cows, 1/10 are horses and the rest are pigs. What fraction are pigs?
Try a similar own puzzle for others to solve back at school. Email your puzzles to




Activity 7 – Decimal Search

Focus – I can convert a fraction to a decimal fraction and can talk about the position and value of the digits – Tenths.

Resources – household items, labels, pens.

Collect items, labels or newspaper/magazine cuttings that involve decimals with tenths, e.g. 2·5 l, 1·2 kg and write explanations of the decimals, e.g. 1·2 kg is 1 whole kilogram and 2 tenths of a kilogram, and to write each as a fraction or mixed number, e.g. 1·2 kg = 1 2/10 kg.

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