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Our Weekly News – February 14th


Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community. 

 Staff News 

We are saying goodbye to Mrs Hope, Senior Clerical Assistant, this afternoon and the School and Nursery would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Hope for the commitment that she has given to the school and Parent Council over the years. We wish Mrs Hope every success with her new post. 

Each week we try our very best to either upload a weekly post or share Twitter posts for every class. Please have a read and a chat together about what we have been up to this week. 

Primary 1a and 1b 

 This week we learned our last single sound – ‘z’. We had great fun making zebra letters, buzzy bees and ‘zooming’ into different places on Google Earth.   

We’ve been looking more at 3D shapes, thinking about the properties of each shape – how many faces, edges and corners they have.  

On Wednesday, P1a thought about ways to help the planet. We thought about things like recycling and reusing things, like we do with our junk. We also talked about planting and planted our own flowers. 

Thank you to all parents who have come in to tell us about your jobs. We have loved learning about the types of work people do in Castle Douglas!  Inspired by your visits, we talked about the jobs we’d like to have when we grow up. 

 Jennifer: I want to be a horse rider.
Hunter: I want to be a fireman.
Oscar: A policeman!
Ellie: I want to be a teacher at gymnastics.  

Have a lovely break, everyone! 



Primary 2

Have a look at some photographs  our Wold Play Day activities from last Friday. We really enjoyed playing with each other, sharing our games and learning new things.


Primary 2/3 

We really enjoyed Global Play Day last Friday.
Olivia – I liked playing with other people’s toys.
Miley – I liked playing with my friends.
Leigha – I spent time with my friends.
Cara – I liked playing with LOL dolls. 

We also took part in some activities for Children’s Mental Health Week which involved moving to different classes for each activity. 

Kaci – II liked doing yoga the best
Benjamin – My favourite was when we did exercise with pound sticks and talked about being brave. 

In Music this week the children were using puppets and adding sounds to them to go with the way they move and how they act.
Abby – I liked when we thought about puppets and we were making noises on the chime bars to go with them. 

In maths we continued with work on addition and subtraction.
Dorota – I learned to do the split and jump method for adding.
Eva – I learned to take away in the jump and split method.
Owen – I learned to add and take away to 14.
Ollie – I was using stones to do my sums. 

We were trying to make our own moving toys this week using split pins to join the pieces. We were also comparing old and new toys and looking at the differences between them. We tried another way of printing using Lego this time on to clay. 

Ethan – I liked making holes with a hole punch to make the crocodiles.
Charlie – I made a World Cup football in the clay.
Finlay – I printed a house in the clay. I liked doing it.
Jillie – I made a flower in the clay. 


Primary 3 

 This week, we finished our class novel – ‘The Penguin Who Wanted to Find Out’. We discussed our thoughts on the text. It provided us with lots of new knowledge about emperor penguins and we enjoyed learning more about Otto, the main character.  

Oliver – ‘I learned that baby penguins should not peck off their fluffy feathers, they need to wait for them to fall out on their own.’
Nell – ‘Otto would not stop talking! He was very cute.’
Caitlyn – ‘It was interesting because I learned that penguins can dive down deep in the water’.
Abbie – ‘Baby Emperor Penguins are looked after by lots of different grown up penguins.’ 

Through our topic, we have also been learning about how water changes form through melting and freezing. We can’t wait to learn more about this on our trip to Cream ‘o’ Galloway at the end of the month.  

Wider Achievement 

Caitlyn has started Karate – she is really enjoying it.
Frankie made her promise at Brownies – well done Frankie!
Corben has joined Cubs – he is looking forward to the new adventures and enjoyed his outdoor walk this week. He toasted marshmallows! 

Please return trip permission slips with payment enclosed. 


Primary 3/4  

Alba – “I’ve enjoyed making our PowerPoint. We searched for facts and wrote them on our PowerPoint. I am excited to show mine to the class”.  

Rose – “I enjoyed the PowerPoints too. I liked putting pictures on and different animations and effects on mine”.  

Ferne – “I liked doing the Penguin art yesterday. We smudged charcoal on our penguin pictures to add texture”.  

Brooke P. – “I enjoyed making the background for our penguins. I liked it when we sprinkled salt on and saw how the paint reacted”.  

Taleah – “I liked drawing our penguins”.  

Brooke L – “I liked PE. I liked doing ball skills”.  

Gregor – “I enjoyed maths. We were working on fractions and I found one question a bit tricky but I used all my maths knowledge and worked it out”.  

Jack – “I liked doing maths. When it was tricky I managed to get through it”.  

Darcie – “I enjoyed doing the background for our penguins as well. I liked adding the water to the watercolour paints to change the shade of blue. On one of my stripes of blue I added some purple”.  


 Primary 4 

 In health and wellbeing this week we reflected on Children’s Mental Health week. Last week we took part in a range of workshops to explore the theme ‘find your brave’. This included exercise, yoga, talking about overcoming fears and massage. In class we have been identifying and demonstrating ways of dealing with our emotions, especially when we are feeling angry.  

As part of our topic work we identified an everyday problem that we think we can solve. We then suggested some solutions to common everyday problems. Finally, we designed and sketched a brand new, never-before-seen invention. In ICT we researched the best inventions of 2019 and used these for inspiration. We also heard from some child inventions from America. 

We have all been working hard to achieve our accelerated reading target of 30% this week. 

We wrote an acrostic Valentines poem about the things that we love.  

Have a fantastic mid-term break P4. 

Wider Achievement
Rhys, Connor, Coby and Callum took part in some outdoor challenges at Cubs. This included going through deep water.
Jayden is now learning to use his arms to swim in the hydro pool. 

P.E kits needed after the holidays every Wednesday and Thursday. 


 Class Twitter Feeds 

Our older classes are sharing their learning using Twitter feeds using the share hashtag #cdpsdg7   

Please have a look using the Twitter links. There is also a Twitter Feed bar on the right hand side of our School website menu for all our class tweets. 

Primary 4/5 – 

Primary 5 – 

 Primary 5/6 –  

 Primary 6 –  

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 Primary 7 –    



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