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Our Weekly News – January 24th


Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community. 

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Primary 1a and 1b 

We’ve had a very busy time in Primary One this week. 

Our sounds were ‘j’ and ‘b’ and we were able to think of lots of words with these sounds in them- to help us remember we got to eat jelly and jam!! We also heard, made and wrote about Big Bill the Beltie Bull who is from Galloway where we live. Sandy told us all about taking his calf to the show and winning a prize just like Bill and Ayla could tell us her Dad looks after bulls.

Reading is coming on and we have been playing games to help learn our new word- please help us by practising our key words each night. 

In Maths we are continuing to work on our adding skills and doing well.

In PE we have been doing some Scottish dancing and we are great at it. We learned that Scottish dance music is usually in 8s, so we had to count lots!! We also had a lovely relaxing time doing yoga and the story of Betsey the Banana which was funny.

We enjoyed taking part in our Scottish Day on Tuesday, when we had the chance to make ( and eat!) shortbread, do some tartan weaving, along with singing, drawing castles and  Scottish stories. It was great fun! 

Last Friday we had the choice to learn how to make snowflakes using twigs and lashing them together with wool. They looked fabulous. 

P1a have been to the library to hear some Scots stories and P1b are going on Monday afternoon. 

If you are able to talk about your job to the class please return the invitation which came home.
Any parents evening appointment slips should be returned as soon as possible.
Please send in any junk especially boxes as we are planning to have an afternoon making models of our local community on Wednesday 29th.
Children taking part in multi sports remember it starts on Monday. 
CAPER- please keep your child’s book at home for the whole week and just send it in on Thursday for changing. Thank you. 


Primary 2 

 We go to the nature garden every Friday afternoon.
Willow – “I like playing on the piles of sticks.”

Melisa – “I like taking adventures.”  

Murray – “There is a jaggy bush and we are trying to clear it out to make a path through the nettles.  Lots of people are helping.” 

Flynn – “I was trying to make a bridge with Zach and then a P3 came to help us.  We got tyres and used planks of wood.  Lots of people walked on it when we were finished.” 

On Tuesday, we coloured Nessies and tartan with felt pens and we drew our favourite Scottish foods.”  

Ziya – “We had a Scottish party with Miss Gainford.  We were dancing.  Miss Gainford sang Scottish songs and she played the banjo and we waved scarves.  My favourite song was ‘you canne shove yer granny off a bus’.” 


Primary 2/3

 We had great fun on Scotland Day designing and making our own castles.
There was great team worked and we all managed to make a castle, some even had a drawbridge which went up and down! 

Hannah – we used string to make it move. 

Benjamin _ we chose Floyd’s design to make. 

Floyd – we put the first letters of our names on the towers of the castle to show who the owners were. 

Cara – we decided to put on a flag with our names. 

Zofia – we were sharing the stuff. 

Kendyl – I liked when we were helping each other. Lola had a really smart idea for the top of the tubes. 

Eva – I liked when Olivia had the idea to put the Scotland flag on. 

Floyd – we were all coming up with good ideas. 


In topic this week we have been looking at old and new toys and looked at and discussed the artefacts we borrowed from the museum. 

Charlie – One of the children in the old photos looks just like my cousin Max. 

Lola – I liked building jigsaws and some didn’t have pictures. 

Abby – I liked looking at the old toys. 

Cara – The shoes from the olden days had hard bottoms. 

Please can all the children bring in a PE kit on Monday as we have our hall time on Monday and Tuesday mornings.
If you have any small junk for modelling please send it in to school 



Primary 3 

We had a ‘braw’ time on Tuesday celebrating our Scottish Day – have a look at the previous posts for pictures and information on what we got up to! 

Also this week, we enjoyed learning about the importance of food chains for survival. We explored the different food chains in the Arctic and Antarctic and we talked about the importance of energy and food for animal survival. We created our own food chain to show the transfer of energy – have a look at the videos to see how effective they are! 

In ICT, we have started our own personal research projects. We each selected our own polar animal to learn more about. This week, we have been learning to use Swiggle to search for information and taking notes about what we find out. Soon, we will be creating our own Powerpoint presentation with our facts and presenting this to the rest of the class.  

Ask us at home about the animal we have chosen! 



Primary 3/4 


Class Activities and any Pupil Comments 





Wider Achievement 









Primary 4 

 We had so much fun on Scottish day. Here are some of our highlights: 

 “I enjoyed naming my own Scottish fairy. I got glitter on my nose when I named my fairy” Cara. 

 “The bagpipes at the end of the day were great. I loved clapping along” Ewan. 

 “The food tasting was the best. My favourite thing was the Iron Bru, the worst was the oat biscuit” Eli L. 

 “I painted a Scottish squirrel, it was fun” Cameron. 

 “I enjoyed listening to Neb’s book and when she sprinkled the glitter” Kacey. 

 “The quiz was my favourite, we did it on the computer and searched for the answers” Kahlen. 

 We have been learning when to use capital letters using the acronym MINTS. Ask me at home what this stands for. We created a poster to help up remember.  

 We moved on to our second Scottish inventor Alexander Graham-Bell. Here are some things we know about him: 

 “Alexander Graham-Bell’s dad worked with deaf people and his mum was deaf” Alex. 

 “He invited the telephone” Nicole. 

 “His first words on the telephone were Mr Watson, come here. I want to see you” Connor. 

 We made a cup and string phone to explore how sound travels as vibrations. The vibrations move particles in the air, and this carries sound to our ears. 


Wider Achievement
Abi has completed an incredible 50 Parkruns! Well done. 

P.E kits needed every Wednesday and Thursday for racket sports. 



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