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Our Weekly News – January 17th


Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community. 

Each week we try our very best to either upload a weekly post or share Twitter posts for every class. Please have a read and a chat together about what we have been up to this week. 

Primary 1a and 1b 

 We’ve been very busy this week! 

We are back to learning two sounds a week. This week we learned ‘l’ and ‘f’. 

Lilly: Lemons and limes. We cut them and we were drawing them. We could eat them. 

Jaxon: We had to paint over the ‘f’ for fog. 


We started learning about 3d shapes this week. 

Sophie: Sphere. It’s like a bouncy ball or a beach ball. 

Ellie: Cone. Like work cones and traffic light cones. 

Jennifer: Cubes, like a Rubik’s cube. 


In PE we were learning some simple ceilidh dances as we begin to learn more about Scotland.  


In French we sang a new song that helped us remember how to say some simple French phrases. 

Joseph: Bonjour means hello! 

Grace: It said how are you! Comment ca va! 

Leland: My name is – je m’apelle! 

 Last week in the nature garden we had a brilliant time constructing our own bridge! We had to work together as a team to make it steady, and then tested out our bridge! 


On Monday, P1a are visiting the library in the afternoon. Please ensure your child comes to school with a waterproof jacket. 

On Tuesday, the school is celebrating Scotland Day! Please feel free to dress in tartan/blue or white if you wish (optional). 


 Primary 2 

 We have been very busy this week. 

 We have been counting to one hundred and looking at pairs of numbers to find the larger or the smaller one. 

Max – I like counting to 100. 

Darla – I liked working out the answers in my new maths workbook. 

Conall – I am good at telling the difference between large and small numbers. 


In our Topic work we are learning about Day and Night. We have been finding out all about the sun. 

Ellie – I learned the sun is a star. 

Hannah – I learned we need the sun to dry our clothes. 

William – I found out that plants need the sun so they can grow. 

Ziya – I discovered we need the sun so that the day can start. 

Kai – We also need the sun to come out so that we can walk to school. 


Our class novel this term is The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark which is all about a baby owl called Plop. We found out lots about Plop.  

Angus – Plop has big round eyes. 

Melisa – He is fluffy. 

Elliot – Plop has a yellow beak. 

Josh – He is a baby barn owl. 

Zach – He is scared of the dark. 



Primary 2/3 

 In maths we have been working on measure this week. We have been using lots of different units to measure with and sharing and comparing our answers. 

 Olivia –I liked making the big people using our measuring skills 

Lola – I liked when me and Kendyl built a tower as tall as us 

Dorota – I liked doing our mental maths on a blank 100 square 

Kaci – I liked playing Hit the Button doing my sums to 10 

In Art we tried to recreate the shadows we made in the playground on one of the bright days recently. First we made model people using pipe cleaners cotton wool and tin foil. Then we used torches to make shadows with them that we drew round.  

I’m not sure how we can display them but I’m sure we’ll think of a way! 

This was a really popular activity with the children and they worked well together to make the shadows. 

 We started a new topic this term on Toys. We were thinking about toys that the children have which their parents also had and ones they wouldn’t have had. It generated a lot of interesting ideas. More information about this will come home soon with some requests for help. 


Wider Achievement 

Charlie moved to group 4 in Swimming 

Floyd moved to level 5 in Football 

Eva completed her 50th Park Run 

Well done to all of them, what great achievements. 

Primary 3 

 We’ve had a very ‘cool’ week in class this week, with the start of our ‘Cold Lands’ topic.  

 We used a globe to locate the Arctic and Antarctic and we have been learning about what each of these interesting places are like. 

 On Wednesday, in our STEM activity, we were challenged to make an igloo, after learning about how igloos are built to protect and shelter the Inuit community. We used ice cubes, loose parts and cotton wool to build our creations and we had some very chilly hands afterwards!  

 We also enjoyed learning about the Inuit communities. We particularly liked watching a video of the traditional ‘throat singing’ that they do – we even had a go ourselves! 

Luci – ‘I enjoyed reading about penguins on the internet’ 

Nell – ‘Inuits need to wear really warm clothes and they carry their baby in their hood’ 

Rory – ‘I used ice cubes to build an igloo’. 

 Wider Achievement 

Well done to Zoe who has achieved the Goldfish 3 certificate from her swimming lessons! Congratulations! 

 Frankie has passed the ‘Preliminary Highland Fling’ for her dancing group and received a certificate and a medal. Frankie demonstrated the fling for us in the classroom. What a super achievement! 

 Primary 3/4 

 Brooke P. – “I enjoyed being a polar explorer and digging into the ice to find the toys”.  

Alexander – “I liked digging into the ice. We had to be careful to not hit it too hard in case we broke the toys inside”.  

Gregor – “I enjoyed maths this week because I liked doing the multiplication challenges”.  

Ferne – “I liked putting the ice into the water and watching it melt”.  

Jack – “I liked playing with the ice blocks. I used a ruler to try to dig into the ice”.  

Taleah – “I cracked the ice apart to get the toys!” 

Darcie – “I liked playing with the ice too”.  

Lewis – “I liked trying to break into the ice. It was quite hard because it was very slippy and it kept moving around”  

Lily – “I enjoyed doing the Northern Lights art. We used our fingers to smudge the chalk and blend it together”.  

Brooke L. – “I enjoyed doing balances in PE”. 

Aiden – “I have enjoyed doing maths this week because I love the challenge”.  

Jack – “I learned that Antarctica is a desert because of how little it rains”.  

Eamon – “I learned the Arctic and Antarctica are so cold because it’s not near the equator”.  

George – “It’s so cold because it’s far away from the sun”.  

Alex – “The Arctic the North Pole and Antarctica is the South Pole”.  

Lewis – “In the Arctic and Antartica in summer it is light for 24 hours and winter it is dark for 24 hours”.  


Primary 4 

On our first full week back at school we have been learning about money in maths and we have also started SAMSON subtraction.  

 We got stuck into our new invention’s topic. We explored our first Scottish inventor, John Logie Baird and found out more about his life. We have also been using the Tinker Table to find out how things work and what they are made of. Thank you to those who brought an old/broken electronic item in for us to take apart. 

In writing we are focusing on VCOP. We have also read some Scottish poems and presented a story in Scots. Our reading wise group have been working hard each day. We completed an opinion giver task based on our reading book and we have started working towards our new accelerated reader targets.  

 In P.E we have started racket sports. 


Please return parental consent and information forms for P4 swimming. Parent helpers needed. 

Please return learning conversations appointment slips by the 24th of January.  

Scottish themed day and lunch on Tuesday 21st January.  



Class Twitter Feeds 

 Our older classes are sharing their learning using Twitter feeds using the share hashtag #cdpsdg7   

Please have a look using the Twitter links. There is also a Twitter Feed bar on the right hand side of our School website menu for all our class tweets. 

Primary 4/5 – 

Primary 5 – 

 Primary 5/6 –  

 Primary 6 –  

 Primary 6/7 –  

 Primary 7 –    



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