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Our Weekly News – November 29th


Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

What we have been up to in school this week!


Primary 1a and 1b

This week we have been extra busy learning all our songs for our Christmas Show, along with Primary 2 and 2/3. The excitement is mounting!!!!

We have completed our Term two sounds and have now learned a,e,i,o and u, which will help us to make all the words we want to!! Lots of us are really beginning to hear how we can join our sounds together to make new words- we will keep on practising our blending at school and at home. P1b has been hearing the Christmas story in class and drawing pictures with Mrs Graham, to show our understanding.

This week our Julia Donaldson story was Stick Man, which is one of our favourites- some of us have been making our own Stick Men in class, and using the sticks we gathered for various activities. We have been discussing our families and did some special writing about them, trying hard to put our words together independently. We will be doing some outdoor activities about Stick Man in the Nature Garden next Friday (6th December)

This week we started to talk about adding and using our plus sign. We will be doing more about this in the next wee while. Many of us also showed how well we could order and write our numbers 0-10.

Wider Achievement
William has achieved his level 1 swimming and brought in his certificate to show the class. Well done!


No CAPER for P1b on Thursday 5th due to our concert dress rehearsal.

Christmas Story time: Wednesday 4th at 2.30pm.

Looking ahead: Monday 9th December afternoon: walk and visit to see the beautiful Christmas displays in the Parish Church, including art work from every class. We will be asking for helpers to accompany this.


Primary 2

We have been learning about numbers to one hundred this week. We have taken part in lots of different activities.

Ellie – “I am good at finding the number after”.
Brodie – “I find it easy to add on one”.
Mya – “I am getting better at writing numbers”.

In Language we have been learning about the sh sound.
Charlotte – “I am good at reading words with sh in them”.

In Art this week we made a penguin.
Tiffany – “I liked painting the background”.
Conall – “I liked making the penguin with its funny eyes”.
Elliot – “I liked sticking it all together”.

Please remember to bring in party clothes for our dress rehearsal for the children in school on Thursday.


Primary 2/3


This week we have been very busy learning our songs for the Christmas concert. We also started on art work for the hall.

Miley – “I liked when we stuck hay on our donkey pictures”.
Zofia – “I liked putting glitter on our pictures”.
Lola – “I liked sticking fluff on our penguin pictures”.
Skye – “I liked doing all our Christmas songs”.

This was our last week with Gayle from RelaxKids and we have really enjoyed these sessions. She left us each our own little Superhero to remind us we are amazing!

Olivia – “I enjoyed doing the massage when we put on a sprinkle of kindness”.
Kendyl – “I liked when we closed our eyes to get a superhero”.

Dorota – “I liked learning how to do my sums in mental maths”.
Eva – “I like the extra challenge on the spelling worksheets”.

Please remember to bring in party clothes for our dress rehearsal for the children in school on Thursday.


Primary 3/4

Brooke L. – “I like doing show rehearsals. I like the songs”.

Jack – “I like singing the songs from the show”.

Lewis – “I enjoyed making the art for the church”.

Rose – “I enjoyed doing the show rehearsals because I really like my part. I have lots of words”.

Lily – “I liked the costume for the show!”

Brooke P. – “I like playing mathopoly in maths”

Gregor – “I enjoyed writing facts about Ancient Egypt”.

Darcie – “I enjoyed getting my smoothie from P4/5 and doing art. We drank our smoothies and did our art work”.

Maisie – “I like writing facts in topic”.



Primary 4/5


We all enjoyed our second week of smoothie making. Emma thought it was fun. Fern thought that collecting people to come and get their smoothies was like being a teacher.  Ruby, Riley, Fern and Nikola liked collecting the Primary Ones to come and get their smoothies. They were walking along the corridor like little mice, nice and quietly.


Primary 5

We have had a busy week. We are enjoying our Scottish Government topic and have been discussing Scottish politics and thinking of skills and qualities needed to be an MSP. We have started a new block of dance. In Big Writing we are continuing to undertake research for report writing.

Callum – “I enjoyed making candles in art”.
Isla McC – “I enjoyed dance in PE”.
Emily Rose – “I enjoyed doing math when Mr Tyson was in our class”.
Isla McF – “I enjoyed drawing candles in art”.

Wider Achievement
Emily Rose is taking part in a Christmas show with the NYCOS choir (National Youth Choir of Scotland).
Freya L has learned to play Jingle bells on the guitar.
Alfie received his first badges at Cubs.


Our older classes are sharing their learning using Twitter feeds and share #cdpsdg7  hastag

Please have a look using the Twitter links. There is also a Twitter Feed bar on the right hand side of our School website menu.

Primary 5/6 –

Primary 6 –

Primary 6/7 –

Primary 7 –


Primary 6/7

P6/7 are now on Twitter so please follow us!  Mrs Campbell and P6/7   @Mrs_Campbell50

In Maths this week we have been starting the Money topic – next week we will be learning about how to budget our money.
In Literacy we have been continuing with Big Writing Reports and revising punctuation and how to use a Dictionary and Thesauraus.

We had a lovely time on Monday attending the P6 Feis Ros concert.
We have also been learning Jigs and Reels with Louise from Active Schools.
We also had fun with the CD High School Young Leaders in PE doing fitness games.

Our topic now is WW2 and the children have been interested in looking at the countries that were involved in the War and how it all began in 1939. Some pupils have also shared their family experiences of the War too.

We have all finished our Humble Donkey pictures for the Church as well as our Egg Box Christmas Tree!

In Science we are looking at our Body and learning about the Eye, and how our sight is an important sense.

In ICT we have been learning about Spreadsheets.

Amy – ‘’ Enjoyed PE with the High School leaders.’’
Charlotte – ‘’ I really enjoyed sketching the Donkey.’’
Fraser – ‘’ I enjoyed ICT.’’
Lotti – ‘’I loved making/decorating the Egg Boxes for our Christmas Tree – it was fun!’’
Logan – ‘’We are excited to be learning more about the Body in Science.’’
Curtis – ‘’ This morning I noticed how the heat energy in my hand melted the ice on my car – I learnt about this in Science.’’

Wider Achievement
Jazmin has enjoyed being in goal at football practice – she has not done this before – well done!










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