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Our Weekly News – October 11th


Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community. 

  School News  

A reminder that we go on holiday this afternoon and we return for our new term on Monday 28th October. 

Achievement Assembly We shared an Achievement Assembly today and a big thank you to the learners who shared their out of school achievements. We heard about Threave Rovers football, Stewartry Rugby Club, Fund-raising Fashion Show, School Triathlon, Go Wild Outdoor activities, Street Dance, Swimming and Lego Building – what a lot of different things our pupils get up to! 

Congratulations and well done to all the P3 to P7 pupils who have achieved their Accelerated Reading target for the term – thank you for this great effort. We also found out this week that Chloe, Oscar, Isla D, Jazmin, Curtis, Veronica and Rudy who entered a Scots Poetry competition when in P5’6 last year have had their poems published in a book called ‘Once Upon a Dream’ 😊 

We also shared some class photographs from this term introduced by our CDPS Newsreaders – Tommy and Abi. Excerpts from their news report can be viewed on today’s school website post – Achievement Assembly News Clips – click here for link.

Our Pupil Councillors had a very hard job today choosing the Bronze, Silver and Gold designs for this year’s House Points competition. Well done to Lucy, Ellie and Jessica whose designs were chosen.


 We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week. 


Primary 2/3 

This week in art we were marbling using primary colours to create secondary colours. 

Kaci – I liked putting the paper in it.
Miley – I liked when we put the foam in the tray.
Leigha – I liked when it made pretty colours. 

We had a short visit from a barn owl and his owner.
Lots of the children liked the owl.
Eva – It had nice patterns on its feathers. 

In maths we have continued to work on counting and ordering numbers.
Dorota – I like doing numbers before and after to 100. 

Our group challenge this week was to work together to create a marble maze.
Benjamin – I liked solving the puzzle of how to get it through the maze.
Miley – I liked testing it because it was hard to get it through the corners.
Owen – I liked building it.
Skye – I liked making the mazes because it was tricky to put in the bits where you can’t go. 

Please remember PE kits for the first day back as we have our hall time on Monday. 

Primary 3 

Last Friday, we went to Threave Castle with Mr Tyson as part of our ‘Our Town’ topic. We learned lots of new information about the history of the castle and some of the people who lived in it. We used our ‘History Detective’ skills to locate the different rooms and parts of the castle. We talked about what they would have looked like years ago and compared them to the rooms in our houses today.
Thank you very much to our helpers.  

Nell – ‘It was dark going up the spiral stairs. It was really fun. We saw lots of different rooms’.
Abbie – ‘Mr Tyson told us lots of stories’.
Noah -’We went across the river on a boat. I liked it’.
Fern – ‘The boat was my favourite part’.  

Happy Holidays!  

Primary 3/4 

Alba – “I loved going on our autumn walk. I liked looking at all the different leaves we could find in autumn. I collected lots of different colours of leaves”.
Darcie – “I enjoyed the autumn walk because we went to play at the park and me and Zane and Lily were kicking the leaves. It was fun”.
Brooke P. – “I enjoyed making a picture with all the different leaves and conkers I could find”.
Brooke L – “I liked playing at the park during our autumn walk”.
Rose – “I enjoyed going to the park because we got to collect lots of conkers. I got one big conker and one tiny one. I liked playing on the swing too”.
George – “I got 81 conkers on the autumn walk”.
Cooper – “I liked doing the autumn walk because we got to play at the park”.    

Taleah – “I liked painting”.  

Ferne – “I liked using google to find a chocolate recipe. I liked playing on Sumdog too”.  

Primary 4 

Please check out our P4 visitors video :0


Wider Achievement
Cara and Struan took part in the M&Co fashion show on Wednesday 1st of October to raise money for Castle Douglas Toddler Group at the community centre. The money raised will go towards redecorating and updating the toddler room. Well done. 


 Primary 4/5 

Alex – This week we learned how to use a calculator to add and subtract.
Fern – We have been learning how to lay out our sums correctly in our jotter.
Jake – I started off by forgetting to carry, but now I can do it.  

Ben – In writing this week we were doing our assessment. I wrote a story about a flood in Castle Douglas.
Ruby – I wrote a story about a girl called Ruby. She met an elephant and they became friends.
Fraser – In writing setting I wrote a story about pirates. Two of the characters were trying to chase a ship that was owned by cursed pirates.
Zak K – My story was all about a scary haunted maze. 

Emma – We finished our class novel and then did an Accelerated Reading test on it. I got 10/10. 

Lydia – In our book the characters tried to visit the Queen.
Leo – At the end of the book, they found Ahmet’s mum and dad. Everyone was happy. 

Wider Achievement
Alex took part in a street dance performance at the weekend called Raise the Roof. He danced on stage in front of hundreds of people. Fab!
At the weekend, Ben went to a football tournament. He played three matches and won them all! Well done! 


Children are invited to dress up in their favourite costumes for a day of spooky fun, on Thursday 31st October. This is optional.
Happy Holidays 😊  


Primary 5 

We’ve had a hoot in P5 this week!
On Thursday morning we welcomed Margaret and her barn owl ‘Bonnie’ to our class. We learnt all about owls and had an interesting question and answer session. We all learnt something new including facts like owl feathers are not waterproof, they can hear 10x better than humans and that due to the shape of their feathers they are silent when they fly. Bonnie coped very well with the attention! The visit was a fitting very enjoyable finale to our ‘Living Things’ topic.  

We have been completing writing assessments, rounding to the nearest 100 and 10 in maths,  At the start of the week an exciting Sumdog maths challenge on rounding and place value has been undertaken, already some members of the class have succeeded in winning 250 coins!  

We are increasing confidence and skills in cricket. The sessions continue to be enjoyed by everyone.
During art we have been creating some wonderful pieces of pastel ‘owl face’ art.
We have also been working hard to achieve our accelerating reading targets. 

Keighla – “I learnt that owls can turn their heads 270 degrees”.
Sam – “Owls have predators like goshawks”.
Elle – “Owls have either yellow, orange or brown eyes”.
Amelia – “To find an owls gender you have to take their DNA”. 

Wider Achievement
Isla McF and Holly will be training to compete in a gymnastics competition in February. They will be part of team representing the school.
Holly has been selected to join the gymnastics talent development quad – Well done! 

Happy Holidays! 


Primary 5/6  

Here are some areas that we have been learning this week: 

“We have been talking about Fairtrade and the importance of it” – Skye and Charlotte
“We learned lots of different things about fairtrade” – Mckenzie S

“We finished our French alphabet sheets with Miss Wright” – Emma  

“We have been working on hundreds, tens and units with Miss Hart”
“We have been looking at and naming different shapes” – JL
“We were revising what we had already covered and looked at how to add easier” – Skye 


“We were learning that people were digging up the trees to find the gold and diamonds under the trees”- Charlotte and Skye
“We completed a place value autumn puzzle which we coloured in at the end” – Mckenzie C
“Our movie was a success and we raised £339 for the Amazon rainforest”- Emma
“We sold out on our tuckshop” – Harvey. 

 Wider Achievement 

“We spoke at the whole school assembly” – Skye, Lily and Charlotte
“I landed my front handspring” – Emma
“I finished building, painting, carpeting and furnishing a shed in 3 days” – Harvey
“I can now do a front flip” – Harrison 

 Primary 6 

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news 


Primary 6/7 

This week has passed in a flash! The P6/7 class have been very busy.   

We all finished our Big Writing assessments, and have enjoyed completing these, being creative with our narrative stories.
Everyone has been working very hard to try and complete their Accelerated Reading Targets. 

In Maths we have been moving on to decimals and talking about how decimals are used in the world around us.
The children have enjoyed the challenges on Sumdog.
We have also been looking at 2D shapes, drawing and learning about the properties of circles. 

In our Novel Study we have been thrilled with the Artwork we produced on Grandpa’s Great Escape, as well as completing writing too. 

PE has been so exciting, – Boys v Girls. Very tense, competitive and lots of fun! 

In ICT work has been completed on Internet Safety, as well as recording our wider Achievements on My World Of Work. 

Fraser – ‘’ I have had fun in PE playing cricket – Boys v Girls!’’
Keira – ‘’ We added our Achievements in My World of Work’’
Curtis – ‘’I enjoyed looking at Decimals in Maths!’’
Amy – ‘’ I have loved doing handwriting this week.’’ 

Wider Achievement
Jessica has made a pillow at Stitch Club – fantastic!
Jessica has been enjoying her role as Reading Ambassador by sorting out books in the Library – great work!
Jonathon has worked hard as Pupil Councillor. 

We have had a very busy, hardworking, enjoyable term – HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 


Primary 7 

Please see our Twitter feed  for our class news    







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