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Our Weekly News – October 4th


Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community. 

 Apples Galore! 

We have had a large crop of apples this year from the playground trees and have used as much as we will need for the school. Parents are welcome to collect any that you could use at home. 

Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week. 

Primary 1a and Primary 1b
It’s been another busy week in Primary 1! This week we have been working on consolidating our sounds – s a t p I n. We’re working really hard on this! We have been thinking of objects beginning with the sounds, and also starting to put sounds together to make simple words! 

Olivia: “Apple begins with a.”
Kaelib: “Snakes begins with s.”
Fraser: “P for pig.”
Daniel: “N. Nose.” 

We’ve been continuing to work on patterns. We’ve been making our own patterns and completing given patterns. This has been really fun!
Alfie: Purple, blue, yellow, purple, blue, yellow!”
Leland: “Mine was blue, blue, green, blue, blue, green.”
Sam: “It was yellow, blue, purple, yellow, blue, purple.” 

We can’t wait to see all the patterns we’re making for homework! We’ve been talking about the types of patterns you could make: 

Fraser: “Green, green, blue, green, green, blue. Out of sticks.”
Marcel: “I drew red, black, red, black.”
Chloe: “Knife, fork, knife, fork.” 

We’re loving our time at PE. We’re playing lots of game like Tig, What’s the Time, Mr Wolf? and number games. We’ve also been playing with the big parachute – lots of fun! 

We have been enjoying having reading books to read at home and school. Thank you for all your hard work at home! 

A big thank you to everyone who came along to our Storytime sessions! We loved reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Squirrels Who Squabbled with you. Don’t worry if you missed it! There will be more Storytime sessions throughout the year! 

Pattern Homework Challenge due Thursday 10th – feel free to either send in a picture via the email address or send in your pattern on paper in the homework bag. Can’t wait to see them! 


Primary 2    

We have made apple crumble this week with the apples we picked in the school playground. 

 “That was the nicest apple crumble I’ve ever tasted.”
Jacob – “The crumble was good. I liked the apple the apple the best.”
Ziya- “I liked making the crumble. I liked mixing in the butter.”
William- “I only liked the custard not the apple crumble.”
Zach – “ I liked the apple crumble and custard” 

Please remember to wear PE clothes to school on a Monday and bring school clothes to change into. PE clothes will stay in school until Friday. Thank you. 


Primary 2/3 

We have been enjoying our yoga at PE and this week we went on a dragon adventure. 

We have been doing lots of team challenges this term and this week’s was a paper chain challenge. 

Finlay M – We’re making them thin to get them bigger and bigger.
Dorota – We’re working as a team.
Olivia – We’re taking turns.
Eva – It’s almost the size of me.
Lola – I think we’re going to make it as a tall as a house.
Ethan – Benjamin is quick at cutting he’s so excited.
Cara – Ours is super long.
Kaci – This is massive. 

When we finished we measured them against each other to find the longest. Abby, Jillie and Miley had made the longest snake. They were all very long but not as long as the anaconda we read about in one of our reading books this week. Everyone worked very well in their teams making sure they all had a job and took turns at each part. Well done! 

PE kit for Monday please and outdoor clothes for Forest Friday. 


 Primary 3 

We have had a really busy week learning lots of new information about Castle Douglas. 

On Wednesday, we became History Detectives on our town walk with My Tyson. We used our detective skills to look for clues about what Castle Douglas used to be like many years ago. We found it so interesting to compare what the town is like now to how it used to be. Thank you to our parent helpers.  

Evie – ‘The old railway bridge is still at Tesco. We stood beside it.’
Oona – ‘Burghfield means ‘Town Field’. People used to keep their animals there’.
Caitlyn – ‘There are huge big doorways that the carriages used to go through’.
Emma – ‘There’s a gap in the hedge for the old school’.
Morgan – ‘There used to be a steam train where Tesco is now’.
Arran -’The old school was near where Wilko is now’.
Zoe – ‘There was a cotton factory on Cotton Street. That’s why it is called that’.
Angus – ‘The old market was where the park on the Market Hill is now’. 

We also had a visit from PC Ellis, our community police officer, on Wednesday afternoon. We asked her questions about Castle Douglas and she told us about her role in the town and the different parts of her job. It was really interesting and we loved trying on parts of the uniform! 

Fern – ‘She told us about her job. She does lots of different things.’
Oliver – ‘PC Ellis told us about how many police officers we have in Castle Douglas and she showed us the handcuffs!’ 


Primary 3/4 

 Cooper – “This week we have been working on our ball skills in PE. We have been passing the ball with our feet and dribbling whilst keeping good control of the ball”.

Jack – “I liked the creating a picture of autumn leaves. We were using line and patterns to create an effect”.

Darcie – “I learned that white chocolate isn’t actually a chocolate because it doesn’t have cocoa solids”.

Ferne – “I am excited because this afternoon we are doing some chocolate tasting”.

Alba – “I loved it when Gillian from Inhouse came into our classroom because we learned so much about chocolate. Inhouse make a chilli chocolate which sounds unusual”. 

Alexander – “I liked doing the autumn leaf pictures because we got to make different patterns”.  

Eamon – “In maths we have been learning to round to the nearest 100”.  

Taleah – “I liked writing about my favourite place”.  

Rose – “I’ve enjoyed it when Gillian came in because we got to taste and smell lots of different things and she brought in a cacao pod and cacao beans”.   

Maisie – “I liked doing the autumn leaves because I got to use my imagination”.  




Primary 4 

Please have a look at our African animal video posted on the school Facebook page earlier in the week. 

 P4 took part in Sumdog’s Maths Week Scotland Contest. They finished in 669th with a score of 262. In total 3,394 classes took part from all over Scotland. 

 Wider Achievement 

Coby, Kahlen and Connor took part in the Threave Rovers football festival in Dumfries. Kahlen won 4 games drew 2. Coby and Connor won 3 games and drew 2. 

Alexander, Struan and Rhys played their first contact rugby tournament for Stewartry Sharks this weekend in the P4/5 team. They really enjoyed it and played well as together as a team. 



 Primary 4/5 

Lucca – We have been learning how to carry when completing chimney sums.  
Leo – You start at the right and add the units and then add the tens and so on. 
Nikola – When we carry we have to add one to the tens column or to the hundreds column.  

Adam P – This week in writing we learned about alliteration, metaphors and similes and how we can use them in our stories.  
Lydia – We made notes and a plan to help us with our story.  
Fern – In writing this week, Mr Tyson made up a story and we had to write an ending for it. Everyone had different endings.  
Emma – I met my target in accelerated reading this week. 

Autumn Art 
Fern – I enjoyed making our autumn leaves because I liked thinking of new patterns. 
Emma – We used one colour of pen to make different line patterns.  
Ruby – All our leaves turned out a little bit different. 
Nikola – We learned how to draw a leaf with veins and a stalk. 

Wider Achievements  
Max swam 12 lengths of the swimming pool, well done! 
Lucca has also been trying hard with his swimming. He can swim 72 lengths in one session.  


Primary 5 

Primary 5 have had another busy week. We have been presenting our ‘Living Things’ PowerPoint presentations to the class. These have been very informative, and we have been a quality audience, displaying good listening skills and asking some very good questions. 

In maths we have been continuing with place value.  
We have a weekly News round quiz which is helping us to improve our note taking skills and the we are getting much better at successfully answering challenging questions! 


Isla McC – “I am getting better at hitting the ball in cricket”.
Alannah – “I enjoyed doing fractions”.
Lexi – “I enjoyed listening to the Power Point presentations and learning new facts”. 

Wider Achievement – Alfie, Dylan and Shea played a football tournament against team in Dumfries.  They won two games and drew in one.
Freya G played in a football festival in Dumfries. It was lots of fun.  


Primary 5/6 

We have been continuing our learning on the rainforest this week. We have also been learning about Fair Trade and exploring which countries we get our food from. In preparation for our assembly, we have received our words that we need to practise. We are getting very good at our rainforest songs in music. Here is some of the learning that we enjoyed this week.  

“We made tribal masks out of bottles” – Harvey.
“We looked at pictures of different rainforest tribes to help with our art” – Mckenzie C.
“I have learned about the Mayans in the rainforest” – Harrison.
“We have created posters and fact files about all the ways that we can save the rainforest”- Emma.
“I was interested by the routines completed by tribes” – Kerys.
“We discussed the importance of biodiversity and realised without biodiversity we wouldn’t be thriving” – Mckenzie. 


WritinSets – narrative
“We are planning for our piece of writing” – Skye.
“We are starting writing our narrative” – Emma.
“We have been learning about the importance of wow words to make our story more interesting” – Skye. 

Maths – Place Value and Shape
“I have been learning to work with decimals in maths” – Lily.
“we have been working with hundreds, tens and units” – Jesse-Leigh.
“we have been working with 2D and 3D shapes” – Chloe. 

 Wider Achievement
“I achieved ‘one of the best in the world’ on one of my games” – Mckenzie.
“Callum, Alexander and I finished our recycling badge at cubs” – Maxi. 


Monday 7th – We are going on our class walk to deliver our posters to local businesses.
Monday 7th – Movie night. Tickets are still on sale. 


Primary 6 

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news 


Primary 6/7 

This week has been another busy one! We have had a very productive week with everyone in the class contributing and getting involved in our Learning.  

In Maths we have been consolidating multiplication and division and are ready to move onto decimal fractions next week. In our 2D and 3D shape topic we have enjoyed building 3D shapes, sharing what we know and drawing nets to help our understanding.  

In PE we have loved Kwik Cricket with an exciting game on Tuesday, lots of fantastic batting and ball skills and we have also done Volleyball.
Logan loved Volleyball, ‘’We did volleyball games and cricket in PE, it was really fun!’’ 

 In ICT we have learned about keeping safe online with Mr Tyson.
Amy and Isla D – ‘’ We loved developing our own websites in ICT with Mr Tyson.’’
Jazmin enjoyed learning about Internet Safety as ‘’it helps to keep us safe.’’ 

 In HWB we have learnt about positive relationships and creating a Compassionate Classroom. 

 We have enjoyed reading Grandpa’s Great Escape, researching and making posters about Spitfires and creating wonderful Artwork about the story. 

We had a fantastic trip to the Library and had a very informative talk from the Librarian.
Kacey – ‘’ We went to the Library and it was lots of fun!’’ 

We are carrying on with Big Writing too.
Lotti – ‘’ I liked Big Writing because I like making up my own scary stories!’’ 


Primary 7 

Please see our Twitter feed  for our class news    






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