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Our Weekly News – September 27th


Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community. 

  School News : 
 Rag Bag Collection – Please bring all bags of wearable clothing, shoes, handbags and belts to school on the morning of Tuesday 1st October. Thank you. 

 School App – a reminder that you can download the School App from both Apple and Android platforms and filter messages to receive whole school and individual class messages too. Search for School App for Parents. 

 Sumdog – pupils from P3 have a ‘Sumdog’ login – and can also log in at home to practise and have fun at home with numeracy and maths activities. 


Class News : 

Primary 1a and 1b 

 This week we learned our sixth sound ‘n’. To help with this we used our Smelly Station where we were able to identify and discuss a variety of different smells using our NOSE. We then made bar graphs to see which were our favourite and least favourite smells.  

Lewis: I like the sweets. None of the others are nice at all.
Finlay: salty crisps. You know the ones.
Anna B: that is DISGUSTING!
Maisie: I think you maybe get that in soup!
Ayla: Its like chicken feed!
Emily: That last one is so bad, just so bad-its awful. I think I need to wash my nose out!!
Miss Potts: boot polish! 

Photos taken by P1a- Halle, Ellie, Alfie and Oscar. 

We now know 6 sounds and are beginning to put them together to make some words!
We made some great patterns in the nature garden and have learned that a pattern is when something repeats again and again. 

Most of us now know our key words really well and are almost ready to get some reading books with words in them. It’s really exciting. We’ve also done our very first writing challenge and made a great job of it!  

By using a lot of different materials we’ve also been learning about the different ways we can make up 2, 3, 4 and 5 and that these are called sums. We can make ourselves into different sizes of groups really quickly now! 

This week we have also started to go independently into the playground at playtime and lunchtime and to make our way back to class afterwards. We know the rules to keep us safe. 

Storytime on Tuesday 1st October at 2.30pm. 


 Primary 2 

 This week we were learning about flat shapes. We found out that
Tiffany: A circle has one side.
Zach: A square has four sides.
Joshua: A squares sides are all the same.
Darla : A rectangle has different sides.
We also had to decorate a pizza using different shapes.
Eryithsyai : I liked colouring in the different shapes.
Beth : I liked colouring in the pizza sauce. 

In Art we made a Mr Potato Head to help us remember the five senses
William : We had to stick everything and then we said what the senses were. It was fun.
Ayla : We got to spell the senses words to help our spelling. 

Primary 2/3  

We enjoyed our first forest Friday last week in the lovely sunshine.
Floyd, Ollie, Ethan and Owen all enjoyed helping dig the pond with Eddie.
Kaci – We played fairies and climbed the trees.
Hannah – I liked when me and Lexi played in the nature garden.
Charlie – I liked making the pond with Brodie. 

Eva – I like when the Circles were counting over 100.
Leigha – I liked getting a pet fox in Sumdog
Dorota – I got a pet rabbit from my treasure (in Sumdog)
Cara – There are loads of games to play on Sumdog 

Finlay – I like reading my books with my group.
Olivia – We heard someone play a saxophone at music, it was good. 

Please bring in PE kits on a Monday as we have our hall time on a Monday and Tuesday morning. 


Primary  3 

This week, we have been continuing to explore different ways to learn our weekly spelling words. Have a look at the photographs to see what we have been up to! 

In preparation for our visit from PC Ellis, we have been developing our questioning skills. We have been thinking about what we would like to find out and exploring what, why, who, when and how questions. We look forward to finding out more about her role in Castle Douglas next week.  

Mr Tyson visited our class this week to share some of the history of Castle Douglas and what it used to be like before we were born. We learned lots of new facts and we are looking forward to seeing the places we discussed and learning more on our walk next week. 

As part of the ‘CD Rocks’ craze in the community at the moment, we have painted our own rocks to hide during our walk next week. As we are learning about the town and how we can contribute, we thought it would be a kind gesture to hide some rocks for other children in the community to find. Good luck!  

Town Walk  – Wednesday
Threave Trip – Friday

Primary 3/4

Darcie – “I had so much fun at the disco this week.” 

Ferne – “When I was at the disco I had so many sweets!” 

Gregor – “I enjoyed doing art. We made a picture of autumn leaves using a wax resist techniques” 

Rose – “I have enjoyed making the leaves in art and playing with the money during maths” 

Brooke L. – “I enjoyed making a poster to advertise the chocolate bar I designed” 

Brooke P. – “We have been learning about grid references in maths. I found it a bit tricky to begin with but then I got really good”. 

Alba – “I enjoyed making a rap up about my chocolate bar. We had to make our beat”  

Jack – “I liked making the poster for the chocolate bar and making my rap song”.  

Eamon – “In Sumdog I only need one more skill until I get a new pet”.  


Primary 4

Please have a look at our  P4 Forces video which shares what we have been exploring and learning in our science activities.



P.E kits every Wednesday and Thursday. You are more than welcome to bring your P.E kit in at the beginning of the week to leave in school until it is needed.


Primary 4/5

Fern – “In maths we have been learning how to round numbers to the nearest 100. At first, I thought it was tricky, but now I understand.”
Emma – “I have enjoyed the rounding games this week.”
Alex – “I have been learning how to round to the nearest 1000. We have also been rounding decimal fractions to the nearest whole number”

Jake – “In our writing groups this week we were thinking about adding in good adjectives to make our stories more interesting to read.”
Devlin – “We have been learning how to write good endings to stories.”

Nikola – “We have been talking about people who need some extra help to have their needs met. We made some braille, which helps people who can’t see, read. We also learned how to use sign language to sign our own name.”
Leah – “We thought about what we would pack in a bag if we had to leave our home quickly, like Ahmet, the refugee in our class novel.”


Primary 5

Isla McC – ‘I liked Samson Maths’.  

Kacie – ‘I enjoyed preparing the power point presentation’. 

Dylan – I enjoyed playing ‘Three Bat’ cricket. I am getting better at hitting the ball’. 

Lexi, Alfie and Ria also enjoyed learning new skills and rule in cricket.  

Isla McF – ‘I liked doing the power point presentation’. 

Ollie- ‘I liked the class place value game.’ 

Emily Rose enjoyed working in a team to do the power points. Callum liked maths this week. 

Wider Achievement
Freya L has managed to complete ‘Old McDonald ‘on the guitar. Elle, Becky and Kianna are enjoying stitch club on a Wednesday night. 


Primary 5/6

“We have been learning about hundreds, tens and units” – Jesse-Leigh

“We have been learning about conjunctions and trying to use them in some of our work”

“I went to my first reading ambassadors meeting on Monday” – Emma

“We have been learning about the Amerindian tribes” – Harvey

“We have been learning how to make our own tribe member” – Alper

“We presented our tribal person to the class” – Harvey

“We practised our rainforest assembly” – Mckenzie

We have had to postpone our class assembly on the 9th of October. This has been rescheduled for Wednesday the 6th of November.

Please can you bring in a plastic bottle or milk carton for our art activity on Monday (30th September)


Primary 6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news


Primary 6/7

The Sharing Morning for our Outdoor Learning/Kingswood was a huge success – well done to everyone. 

Primary 6/7 have been enjoying their learning this week in all aspects of the curriculum. We have been focusing on division in Maths, carrying on with estimation and rounding, and introducing 2D and 3D shape. 

 In Science we are learning about Materials in the World Around Us.
Amy and Logan said ‘’ I enjoyed programming in ICT using Scratch.’’
In Literacy we are busy creating our stories for our narrative writing.  

In HWB we have learnt about the importance of sleep to keep our bodies and minds well.  

We are excited about our Novel Study – Grandpa’s Great Escape by David Walliams and looking at the role of Spitfire pilots in WW2. The children have been doing some wonderful artwork on this.  

In PE we are keeping fit and having fun with Cricket, improving our catching and throwing skills.
Isla M ‘’ enjoyed the Volleyball this week and playing games.’’  

We have also been learning about the instruments in the orchestra in Music.  

Everyone had a great time at the Disco! Thank you to the PTA for organising this. 

Reminders- Unfortunately our Library visit had to be postponed this week. It will now take place on the 3rd October at 11am. Please remember to bring in a warm, waterproof jacket that day. Thankyou. 


Primary 7 

Please see our Twitter feed  for our class news

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