P5 on the Pilgrim Road from Carsphairn to Polmaddy.

Primary 5 went on a hillwalk along the old Pilgrim Road which went from Glasgow to Whithorn where St Ninian built the first church in Scotland. The class have been learning about Mary Queen of Scots and discovered that she went along the road in 1563. The road was a grassy track used by people and horses and there are still signs of this very old road today high up on the hills near Carsphairn.

Mr Tyson was very impressed with how the class coped with the unpleasant weather at the start of the walk, enthusiasm, map skills and trying to imagine what it would have been like walking this road 500 years ago!

Please have a look at the photographs and the captions and comments written by P5.

29 Responses to “P5 on the Pilgrim Road from Carsphairn to Polmaddy.”

  • My favourite part was when we saw Polmaddy the ruined village because you got see how you lived in the time of Mary queen of Scots. On one side you did everything and on the other side your animals stayed. I learned that you can walk 5 miles in less than one day.

  • My favourite part was seeing the ruined village because I got to see where everything was and what room the bathroom, where they slept and the kitchen.If they had an animal they had to put it in the other room beside the bathroom, where they slept and the kitchen and it would off smelled horrible if you had an animal.

  • My favourite part of the trip was the ruined village because of the living room. I am proud of my self for walking 5 miles.

  • If I had all that land I would build a massive unicorn castle.

  • It was really really fun. My favroute part was walking up the big hills and going in the butts.

  • It was fun and I liked it because I liked the fact that Mary Queen Of Scots actually walked it. I have never walked a 5 mile hill walk.

  • I really liked the trip. I did get wet ok very wet. I learned a lot including I think they used to shot bird from called a butt. It was very interesting I learned a lot about the landscape and I really enjoyed it.

    1.its better than maths and work .

    2. I like being outside .

    3. I like trips.

    I was really tired at some points but yeh it was so much fun. Thank you Mr Tyson…………

  • My favorite part was seeing the view because we walked 5/6 miles and I was very hard work but it was worth the walk.

  • I enjoyed the trip and my favourite part was when we went into the woods and walked through the trees! It was really dark there but I liked it. Many people said their legs where sore (I was 1 of them). It hurt my legs at the start but I started to feel way better after we started going down hill. I learned that a house was about 25 children long.

  • When we were at the Mary queen of Scots hill walk my favourite part was when we were on the final stretch and Mr Tyson was telling his terrible jokes. I learned that if you were in Mary Queen of Scots time and you were her servants you would be in bare feet and you would have to carry all her stuff that she would take. I enjoyed the walk because I did not get very wet feet (like everyone else)and I was glad about that. We saw the old village of Polmaddy.

  • My favourite part of the trip was the holes on the hillside because we all fit inside and it was crazy.

  • My favourite part was reading the map because it was so amazing. It was amazing seeing all the old places. Thank you Mr Tyson.

  • My favourite part was when we saw the butts because we got in them.

  • My favorite part was when I lost my shoe when we were at the mud part. I liked it so much because when I got out of the mud I started laughing because of my muddy sock. It was looking weird when it was muddy.

  • On Wednesday P5 went on a hill walk following the foot steps of Mary queen of Scots. My favourite part was when we were all looking for what was Scottish history like houses and ponds at Polmaddy.

  • I loved the trip my favorite part was the village and the houses were so old it was so cool.

  • The Trip Was Amazing !!!! And my favourite part was when we where climbing up the massive hill because it was good exercise.

  • My favourite part of the walk was when we were in the hills because of the view and I like climbing hills. I am also proud of myself for walking five miles in the bad weather.

  • The walk was a bit tiring but the views were beautiful. In my opinion, 5 hours well spent. I still can’t believe we walked five miles!

  • My favorite part of the trip was when we walked 5 miles because I have never walked 5 miles.

  • My favourite part of the trip was the muddy walk bit because it was fun to walk and then I got stuck in the mud and then Skye and Isla helped me out. I loved the forest because of like all of the cool pine branches.

  • First we went to Carlingwark and got the equipment if we didn’t already have it. After that we went back on the bus then we got there. My favourite part of the whole trip was when me, Skye and Ellie-Jay all got stuck in the mud and had to get pulled out by Mr. T and Miss Mackintosh. My other favorite thing was when we were just before the forest because our class done girls vs. boys collecting stick sort of things. It was pretty cool but unfortunately the boys won. My last favorite part was when we were in the forest because me, Skye and Ellie-Jay collected pine tree branches and stones. It was hard to walk 5 miles in less than one day though.IT WAS AMAZING!

  • Freya beth mcmillan

    I loved the trip because in the end I felt proud when we got to the end. I also got closer with my friends. I learnt that the brick walls you can get are butts. I founds it really cool when we walked the same path as Mary Queen of Scots although I fell over 12 times and got my feet wet. Thank you very much Mr Tyson for taking us and telling us these facts about Mary Queen of Scots.

  • skye orla hiddleston

    My favourite part was when I got stuck in the mud when Isla told me not to go in it. I also liked when we saw the crosses on the stones.IT WAS AMAZING!

  • My favourite part was when we went in the burnt house it was amazing it fitted the whole class. I also liked the well even though I was a bit squished. We walked 5 miles in 4 hours even though my feet were aching I am very proud of my self. My day was AMAZING.

  • On Wednesday we went on a hill walk with Mr Tyson to Carsphairn. We started in Carsphairn and ended in Polmaddy although anyone without waterproofs had to go to Carlingwark Activity Centre to get them. We got to Carsphairn at about 9:50 and left at 4:15. When we first got out the bus it was freezing cold and it started to cool down. We had a couple of snacks in between and eventually we were at the very top of a massive hill. At about 1:30 Mr Tyson asked if anyone needed to go to the toilet and we had to pee in the middle of nowhere which was quite disturbing. Once everyone had done their business we carried on our journey and my legs at this point were aching but we were nearly finished.With about 30 minutes to go we came across a little house which had 2 rooms one for doing nearly everything and the other for keeping animals.

  • My favourite part was when we all went in a hunting hole which is called a butt.

  • I loved the trip . My favourite part was when we went in the woods. It was nice and dry and warm. Thank you for the perfect trip Mr Tyson!

  • My favourite part of the trip was when we went in to the forest because it was less high.

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