Our Weekly News – February 15th

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.
We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week.
Please note that school will be closed for pupils on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd February.
Apologies for any confusion caused by the wrong dates appearing on the school app. There is a fault with the app which unfortunately means we are unable to amend the dates.
Thank you to our Scots Verse and Art class winners who shared their poems and pictures at an Assembly this week,
Primary 1a
 We thoroughly enjoyed Global Play Day last Friday. We loved playing with the toys we brought in and we didn’t let the rain and wind stop us from venturing outside! An amazing (and very muddy) time had by all!
Kaci: I liked playing with Lexi. We played duck, duck, goose.
Ethan: I loved jumping in the muddy puddles! I was getting super-duper muddy!
Miley: I liked playing with Skye and Iris and their toys.
This week we have been inviting parents and members of our family into class to tell us about their jobs!
Lola: When Darla’s Dad came in, I liked looking at the cows that had been born.
Skye: I liked my Daddy coming in and seeing all the things he wears.
Ayla: I liked when Jillie’s Mum told us all about being in the hospital.
In Music we have been learning about different types of music. Mrs. Teale brought in her clogs and let us try them out!
Murry: I liked when I put the clogs on. I had a picture taken of me.
Lexi: I liked watching Kaci in the clogs. It was hard to wear them.
We are also really looking forward to welcoming Susi Briggs, a local author, into our class this Friday. She’ll be sharing her book ‘Nip Nebs’ and venturing into the nature garden with us as we explore the world of fairytales.
Wider Achievement
Congrats to C and T who performed in the Scots assembly on Thursday after winning the Scots Poem & Art competition. They did an excellent job!
Our Ready, Teddy, Go! Science workshop will be on March 1st. Please send in your £4 by Monday, 25th February – thank you.
Primary 1b
We all thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Global Play Day last Friday. We spent the morning outside; jumping in muddy puddles and adventuring!
Conall: “I got soaked – I liked it!”
We spent the afternoon playing with games and toys with the P6 class.
We have been working on blending and letter formation this week:
Zane “putting sounds together to build a word”
We have been learning about what it means to be a Responsible Citizen. Mr. Rogerson has been talking to us about recycling and re-using. We made a poster encouraging people to put rubbish in the bin and recycle it too. Mrs. Johnson has been leading litter picking in the afternoon around the school.
Beth performed ‘Mince and Tatties’ in Assembly and Mya showed her artwork. Well done girls!
Ben the bear had fun with Jacob last weekend – he went to the Cocoa Bean. Lucky bear!
Eryithsyai is taking Ben home this weekend – have fun Ben and Eryithsyai
Our Ready, Teddy, Go! Science workshop will be on March 1st. Please send in your £4 by Monday, 25th February – thank you
Primary 2 
Frankie: We have been learning about greater than and less than in number. We were using the signs to show the bigger and smaller numbers.
Floyd: I used the rhyme to get my sums right. The rhyme tells us that the crocodile always eats the biggest number for his lunch!
Nell: We have been learning about space too. I now know there are 8 planets and a smaller planet.
Oona: All the planets are different.
Evie: The planets are different colours.
Taylan: Jupiter is orange
Miya-Lilly: The planets are different sizes.
Cara: Jupiter is bigger than all the other planets
Primary 3
On Tuesday, we had our final visit to the Doach Woods, where we were joined by The Forestry Commission.
This week, we have been working in a group to research a woodland animal. We used the internet and books to research our animal and we used the information we found to produce a poster.
We worked together to make decisions about the layout of our poster and we included the information that we felt was the most important.
Next week, we will be presenting our posters to the rest of the class and giving a group talk to our peers. Our classmates will be giving us feedback on our presentation skills.
Primary 3/4
Caitlin – “I coloured in unicorns on Global Play Day”
Jazmine, Fern, Leah – “We made dresses and shoes for our barbie dolls”
Devlin – “Global Play Day was really fun. I made a plan out of junk modelling”
Ruby “I played a minion game with Emma and Lydia”
Tyler – “It was really fun because Lucca, Devlin, Coby and Ruby played don’t break the ice with me”
Kyle – “At Doach Wood a man came from Forestry Commission. It was very interesting”
Emma – “At Doach Wood I loved roasting marshmallows”
Coby – “The marshmallows tasted so good. We made a smore”
Jazmine – “We had to keep our hand close to the ground because heat rises. We had to keep turning the stick so the marshmallow cooked evenly”
Cameron – “My group made a fairy house. The leaf as the ladder and we used our imagination to create the house”
Leah – “We had a team challenge to create a picture of an animal. We made a fox.”
Connor – “We had to look for lots of different materials and be a good team”.
Kaidi – “In ICT we have been creating a PowerPoint”
Zak – “We were making PowerPoints about a woodland animal. We have to think about key information like what it looks like and what it eats”
Kacey – “We are using google to find the information.”
Wider Achievement
Well done to everyone for their super effort with the woodland animal homework task. Miss McCall is very impressed with everyone’s hard work.
Primary 4
P4 had so much fun during Global Play Day. We shared our toys with other classes, played in the gym hall and outside too.
This week we have been learning all about Viking clothes and jewellery. Lexi and Leo dressed up in traditional Viking costumes. We spoke about each item, why it was worn and what it is made from. Amelia and Fraser also enjoyed trying on the outfits and exploring the artifacts.
Lexi “My outfit felt cosy. The necklace looked magical”.
Leo “My hat looked like a chef hat, it was soft”.
Amelia “My favourite thing was the necklace”.
Fraser “I felt like a real Viking”.
In art this week we used clay to create Viking jewellery. Using our hands and clay tools we made a Thor’s hammer pendant. Thor is the Viking ruler of the sky and god of thunder and war. Men and woman wore his hammer on a necklace to protect them from evil.
Kianna “We glossed the clay using PVA glue and water, this made it shiny and strong”.
As part of our newspaper report writing we have been thinking about headlines. This week we created our own headlines using rhyme, alliteration and pun.
Wider Achievement
Lexi was awarded an ‘Outstanding Performance’ certificate at her Gymnastics club.
Becky performed ‘Street Talk’ at the Scots assembly in front on the school and parents.
P.E kits every Wednesday and Thursday.
If you can, please bring in a newspaper article to share as part of our report writing.
Primary 5
We had a fantastic day taking part in Global Play Day last Friday. We played with the gym equipment, played outside and shared our toys and games with friends. We shared our day with P4 and P4/5.
Douglas, “It was awesome.”
Alper, “I got to make a gas mask.”
Josh, “It was OG (original).”
Olivia, “I really enjoyed the songs.”
Freya, “I got to play with my best friends.”
Shannon, “I think it brought us all closer together.”
Yvie, “Big Bear got his hair brushed.”
Sebastian, “I enjoyed today I got my breaks and played lots of good games and activities with people.”
We have also been rehearsing for our upcoming assembly this week which is on Three Braw Scots. Children have worked hard to learn their parts and are very excited to perform. We have also been working on multiples and made stars out of multiples of 4 and 6. We have continued our work on time with Mrs. Starkey. We have also been learning about effective headlines in big writing and looked at how to use rhyme, puns and alliteration.
Wider Achievement
Well done to Isla and Skye who performed ‘A Dug A Dug’ in our Scots assembly on Thursday.
 P.E. is now on a Monday and Friday so please can children ensure they have their kits on these days.
Our Edinburgh trip is on Wednesday 20th February, please can children bring in their permission slips, payment and medical forms by this Monday.
Next week is a three day week for children as there are in-service days Thursday and Friday.
Primary 5/6
 Please see our Twitter feed for our class news
Primary 6/7
We visited Cream o’ Galloway on Monday to learn about the World of Work.
Abbie “We met Bev. She showed us around and we met various people who work at Cream o’ Galloway. We learned about their jobs and the skills that they need”.
Kalim “We met the farmer. He told us about how they milk the cows and his early mornings.”
Harris “We met Billy who delivers the ice-cream and the cheese.”
Jaimie-Leigh “ We learned about the different equipment that each person needed to complete their job.”
As we travelled around Cream o’ Galloway we learned about working in tourism, agriculture and in the food industry.
Melissa “ We have been learning about weights and measurements in maths.”
Libby “We learned about the water cycle this week too.”
In Wider Achievement
Abbie can now do a sit in dive in the deep end of the swimming pool.
Adam started a boxing class.
Heidi won a Highland Dancing competition at the weekend.
Primary 7
P7 have had an extremely busy week this week! On Monday we went to Cream of Galloway for a World of Work session. We met lots of people who told us about their role in Cream of Galloway from taking care of the animals to food production to sales. The children had a fantastic time.
Tiana- At Cream of Galloway we learned a lot about cows. The farmer, Charles, told us how he takes care of them.
Sam – At Cream of Galloway my favourite thing was the Go – Boing!
On Wednesday Mr. Neil, a computing teacher, came in to help teach us about coding. The children were very engaged and created some super games of their own.
Neave – Mr. Neil showed us how to make games on Scratch 3. Some of us went in partners.
Deacon –I enjoyed developing my own game on Scratch 3.
There was a Burns assembly on Thursday as well.
Sami – I said my poem in front of the whole school and got a certificate.
Katherine – I won the art competition and got a certificate too.
Well done to Hannah for winning the Dojo points this week.
Wider Achievement
Well done to Jayden, Katherine, Chloe, Deacon and Libby who all took part in the Rotary quiz. They did a fantastic job and came 2nd! with only one point in it.
 Ollie – On Monday I have a football trial in Kilmarnock. I am really excited to show my skills.

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