Our Weekly News – 1st February

Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the School Community.

Pupils will be bringing home this term’s Learning Targets and Parent Night appointment slips this week – please have a look in school bags.

We try our very best to upload a weekly post for each class but this is sometimes not always possible. Please have a read and a chat about what some of our classes have been up to this week.


Primary 1a

We’ve been learning the sounds ‘z’ and ‘w’ this week. These are our last single sounds – we’ve worked so hard learning all of them this year so far! We especially liked going on a ‘wonderful, wintery walk’ when learning the ‘w’ sounds. We took the iPad and tried to find things we see when it is winter.

Abby: “The bark had gone all icy.”

Ethan: “The leaves have fallen off the trees.”

Lola: “I liked taking the pictures.”

Luke: “I wanted to find some robins but they had left the school.”

In maths, we’ve been working hard at number and 2d shape. We’ve been learning about sides and corners of 2d shapes.

Darla: “I liked drawing all the lines of the shapes.”

Amelia: “I like the triangle because it has 3 sides.”

As we continue to learn our Scots poem ‘Mince and Tatties’, we’ve been working hard at making a piece of artwork alongside the poem. We’ve created our own tartan plates and used different materials to make our mince and tatties. We can’t wait for you to see them all!

Riley: “I liked colouring it in.”

Skye: “I like saying the poem.”

Ayla: “I like putting the mince and tatties on. The cotton wool is supposed to be the tatties.”

We are looking forward to our Wellie Walk on Friday!


Parent’s Evenings – Wed 6th/Thurs 7th

Global Play Day – Friday 8th


Primary 1b

We learned our last 2 single letter sounds this week – ‘z’ and ‘w’. We went on a wonderful wintery walk, taking photographs of and discussing the winter weather. The children thought of lots of words beginning with ‘w’; “wind” “woods” “weather” “wet” “walk” “wellies” “William” and “Willow”! We also enjoyed making a zoo pictures and thinking about the different animals you might see at a zoo.

We are continuing to work hard to blend the sounds we know to read and write 3 letter words – keep up the super work everybody!

In Maths we have been working on identifying four 2d shapes (square, rectangle, triangle, circle) and talking about their similarities and differences and properties. We enjoyed playing the shape monster game on the IWB.

We have really enjoyed learning our Scots poem ‘Mince and Tatties’ and the children have been performing the poem in front of an audience. We made a piece of artwork too – a tartan plate full of mince and tatties. Lots of the class say they prefer the tatties to the mince!

Ziya: “yince means once”

Kai: “we painted a Scotland flag”

Conall: “it’s blue and white”



Kai is taking Ben the Bear home – have fun Ben and Kai!


Parents Evening – Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th. Slips are in homework packets.

Global Play Day – Friday 8th. Letter in homework packets.


Primary 3

On Tuesday, during our visit to the Doach Woods, we were working on our teamwork skills. Our challenge was to build a den. We had to make sure we used our communication skills to agree on our ideas and to find the resources that we needed.

We were so excited about the snow on Thursday! To enhance our literacy learning, we went for a winter walk in the playground and worked with a partner to think of as many adjectives and exciting sentences as we could about the glittering snow! We tried to include interesting openers and connectives.

Harrie – ‘The sparkly snow is so soft’.

Ewan ‘The snow is crunchy when you stand on it’.


Tuesday – Doach Woods

Friday – Global Play Day


Primary 3/4

Max enjoyed being outside at Doach woods.

Lydia – “I enjoyed going to Doach woods because I found lots of interesting things.”

Coby – “I enjoyed Doach woods because we got to work in a team to make a massive den.”

Fern – “I liked climbing up, finding different things and then sliding back down the hill at Doach wood.”

Caitlin – “When we went to Doach woods we found a big hill and we tried to explore all the way to the top.”

Alex – “I enjoyed practicing my Scots poem.”

Connor – “My favourite thing about the Doach woods is doing all the different activities.”

Ruby – “For the Scottish poem we made clown pictures. We used oil pastels to colour them in.”

Kaidi – “I enjoyed finding new things at Doach woods.”

Rhys – “I enjoyed doing measure in maths.”


Tuesday – Doach Woods Outdoor Learning Session

Wednesday & Thursday – Parents Evening Appointments

Friday – Global Play Day


Primary 4

We have been performing our Scots poem ‘Street Talk’. We focused on our confidence, making eye contact and using gestures and facial expression. We spoke clearly and loudly using appropriate pace, tone and emphasis. Everybody learned their poem at school and at home, reciting them beautifully on the day. Well done to Becky, Callum, Emily-Rose, Gregor, Holly, Lewis, Sam and Zak who performed for our invited judges.

To accompany our poem, we explored and experimented with digital technologies, using Word Cloud to create Scottish word art. We word processed our favourite Scottish words from the poem, having translated them during language time. We created images by experimenting with different layouts, fonts and colour combinations.


Parents evening on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th – appointment slips in school bags.

Global Play Day on Friday 8th – letters in school bags.

P.E kits are needed every Wednesday and Thursday.


Primary 4/5


This week we have been learning about money in our Number work. We have been working on finding out the smallest number of coins that make a total. We have also been looking at equations and doing sums like  2 + d = 21 and working out what d equals.  d = 19.

Have a go at this equation – what does z equal?    10 x z = 46 –6

Our class Scots Verse competition is on Friday and we have been busy practising our Poems and choosing who is going through to the Class Final.

Our topic this term is Scotland landscape and landmarks and we have started finding out our own interesting facts.

Callum – “Loch Lomond is the largest freshwater loch in Scotland.”

McKenzie – “Scottish families can be grouped in clans.”

Coll – “Clans have their own tartans and family badges”.

Wider Achievement

Maxi – At Cubs I have been learning about hygiene and how to wash my hands properly.

Shea – I also had to do a Cub challenge of making a meal and I did a roast dinner and lemon drizzle cake.


Primary 5

P5 have had a busy week this week. We have continued securing our knowledge of times tables and started talking about what a multiple is. With MRrs Starkey we have continued our work on measurement and timed ourselves with how long different activities would take.

In Literacy, we have looked closely at ‘A Dug, A Dug’ and discussed the techniques used in the poem to know what tone of voice the characters are using. We have also finished our dog portraits which are now on display outside the classroom.

On Tuesday we took part in Scotland day with the rest of P5-7 and we all had a great time with a Scottish quiz, learning ukulele, tasting different Scottish foods, learning how to draw in a McCoo style, making an advert for a new soft drink and learning how to book an event in ICT.

Wider Achievement
Anna and Yvie took part in a swimming competition on Sunday.
Students who go to show club had their auditions and are excited to find out which parts they have been given.
Emma did her first ever back bend in gymnastics on Tuesday.


Play Day is on Friday 8th February – children received letters home about this and what they can bring to school.
Primary 5/6

Please see our Twitter feed for our class news


Primary 6

Please have a look at our Scots Verse video clips already posted.


Primary 6/7

This week we took part in 2nd Level’s Scottish Day.

Noah learned about different Scottish foods. His favourite was the haggis!

Adam enjoyed learning different types of Scottish music on the ukulele.

My was surprised that there were so many different Scottish foods.

Brooke learned that the artist Steven Brown named all his artworks himself.

We have enjoyed watching the green screen videos on the school blog advertising a new Scottish drink!

This week we have also been reciting our Tam o’ Shanter poem ready for the competition on Friday.

Wider Achievement

Adam took part in a swimming competition at the weekend.

Kalim has moved from Cubs to Scouts and is excited about his new challenges!


Trip to Cream o’ Galloway on Monday 11th February.

Please send in any materials for Junk Modelling on Global Play Day – Friday 8th Feb.


Primary 7

This week pupils had a visit from Lisa from Quit Your Way. She shared lots of information and facts about the dangers and risks of smoking. Children participated in a quiz, an experiment and examined some of the 4,000 chemicals found in a cigarette.

Pupils had lots of fun on Tuesday taking part in the second level Scottish day on Tuesday. The rotated around six different activities including a food tasting session, a ukulele session, a quiz and a drama session. Children wrote newspaper articles based on the Scottish day. They focused on including the elements we had discussed in our previous writing sessions.

Well done to all pupils for participating in the poetry recital this week. The children did a super job and the top ten were chosen by the class to perform on Friday for the judges to pick an overall winner.

We began working on our Energy leaflet this week as well. The pupils are creating an energy leaflet to encourage people to save energy, tell them about the different types of energy and to explain what global warming is.

Well done to Ollie for achieving his Accelerated Reader target this week.

Well done to Ollie and Katherine for winning this week’s Class Dojo.


Global Play Day 8th Feb (any junk modelling appreciated)

Job Fair 27th Feb

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