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Our Weekly News – November 30th


Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the school Community

School Car Park. 
Parents are asked, when dropping off in the car park, to please ensure that children go the shortest route to the nearest pavement area and not across the car parking area where cars are travelling. Thank you for your help with this. 


Home Learning Survey
Please click on this link to go to a short survey about the recent family maths home learning activities. 

Our November Pupils of the Month.

Class news  

Please have a read and a chat about what some of our Classes have been up to this week. 

Primary 1a
This week we’ve been finishing off our Julia Donalson topic by reading Stickman. We’ve been retelling stickman in the outdoors, measuring different sizes of Stickmen and making our own Tree Houses. We used our counting skills to find sticks with the same amount of branches as the people who live in our house. We have drawn the members of our family and attached them to our branches, making our Tree Houses. Photos taken by Darla.

Iris: I’ve liked drawing my pictures of my family and putting them on my family tree!

Murry: I liked putting stuff on my family tree.

We’ve learned lots of new sounds recently and have enjoyed learning the sound and how to form them in different ways. Jelly was definitely a favourite for ‘j’, we made lovely lollipops for ‘l’ and drew letters in foam for ‘f’. A huge thank you to all of our Stay for a Sound visitors – we loved welcoming you into our class!

Darla: I liked when the Mums and Dads came to do the sounds. We did the playdough letters.

Skye: I like the jumping game we play for sounds.

Miley: I like sounds too!

We’ve also been looking at shape and measure in Maths, and practising hard for our Christmas Concert! Look out for tickets in homework bags.

Wider Achievement

Well done to our P1a Pupil of the Month, Riley! Keep up the hard work!


Our class Storytime session is on Wednesday 5th December at 2:30. All are welcome to join us for a lovely Christmas story.

Primary 1b 

Inspired by the ‘Stickman’ story we made a class tree house! Everybody drew a picture of themselves, wrote their name and all the pictures are hanging on the tree. We are looking forward to having a go at making more of our own stickmen – Ziya and Brodie worked with the branches and string to make their own.  

Our sounds this week were ‘l’ and ‘o’. We all designed our own fruit lollipops and we all decided that the letter ‘o’ was a nice one to write!  

In Maths we have been continuing to explore measure and compare objects; biggest and smallest.  

Zane: “I liked playing with the lego with Flynn, William, Conall and Angus. We built a spaceship and a helicopter and a house” 

Angus: I liked doing police game with Elliot, Ziya, Zane and William” 

Kai: “me, Angus, William, Conall, Eddie, Zach, Zane, Elliot, Ziya like playing police. Flynn and Angus too” 

Mya: “Willow and me like playing babies” 

Charlotte: “we’ve been writing our names” 

Ellie: ”I love playing with everybody” 

Elliot: “me, Ziya and Flynn were building lego” 

Conall has taken Ben home this weekend – have fun Conall and Ben! 

Our class Storytime session is on Tuesday 4th December at 2:30. All are welcome to join us for a lovely Christmas story. 


Primary 2 

This week we have been learning about grid references and how to plot points to make a fish and a bird. 

Ethan says he has liked doing this because he is good at it. 

We have also been learning about the water cycle and how rain is made. We watched a power point which helped to explain what happens and then we completed work for the water cycle on the board. Well done P2. 

Wider Achievement
Well done to our P2 pupil of the month Miya-Lilly. 


Please could everyone remember to bring their party clothes for the concert by Thursday 6th of December. 


Primary 3 

This week, we have been exploring symmetry. We have used mirrors to find different lines of symmetry on objects around the classroom and we have been making symmetrical pictures using loose parts.  

Eli – ‘Butterflies are symmetrical’ 

Lewis – ‘We used mirrors to find the line of symmetry’. 

We have been busy making invitations for our Christmas Craft Afternoon – they will be coming home soon! 

Imogen – ‘An invitation tells you that something is happening and that you are invited to come’. 

Cara – ‘An invitation tells you the time, the date and the place’.


Primary 3/4 

Jake – “This week the maths we did was quite tricky but it was fun!” 

Connor – “I enjoyed researching Scottish castles in ICT. We have made a tourist information leaflet about lots of Scottish Castles.”  

Nikola – “I enjoyed dancing in PE” 

Kyle – “We watched a part of shrek and we had to talk about what we saw about castles and knights” 

Kaidi – “I enjoyed making the Rudolph cards for Carlingwark House” 

Ruby – “I liked making the art for the church. We had to blend colours from dark to lights to make the night sky”.  

Fern- “I have enjoyed cutting out the angels during art”.  


Primary 4/5 

This week we have been preparing for our assembly.  

Lily – It is hard to learn the words off by heart but I am trying. 

Freya – I nearly know my words now. 

Charlotte – You have to speak nice and clearly so the audience can hear what you are saying. 

Lhlyaijana – You need to speak out and look at your audience. 

Hugo – I am trying to be confident.  

In maths we have started learning about Fractions. 

Callum – Fractions have to be equal in size. 

Maxi – I’ve learned that the number on the top of a fraction is called the numerator. 

Alannah – The bottom number on a fraction is called the denominator.  

Lhlyaijana – The bottom number tells us how many parts the shape has been split up into.  

Skye – If the bottom number is a 5, then the shape has been split up into fifths.  

Our class Assembly is on Wednesday 5th December at 1.30pm. Please can all mobile phones be switched off as they in interfere with the microphones. Thank you.  


Primary 5 

This week we have made Christmas angels for the church. We have continued work on fractions and have been finishing off our letters to local councillor Mr Iain Howie.  
P5s topic this term is ‘Local and National Government’. Pupils have worked in pairs to design a questionnaire about their local area using computers. They have voted on the best questionnaire as a basic introduction to voting. Pupils will use this questionnaire to survey pupils, staff, parents and members of the local community using survey monkey.  
Please complete the questionnaire using the link below which has also been sent out to the children through OneDrive. The survey is open to anyone who lives in Castle Douglas, both children and adults, and is completely anonymous. 
Responses must be in by Thursday next week. 

Next week, children will use the results of the survey to come up with their own political party manifestos. 
Wider Achievement 
Well done to everyone who took part in the wider achievement assembly.  


Please use this link to access our survey – responses must be in by Thursday next week. Anybody in Castle Douglas can take part. 


Primary 5/6 

 P5/6 have started their new class novel. After a close vote, the pupils decided that they would like to hear “Awful Auntie”.  

We began our rainforest PowerPoint presentations this week which are already shaping up to be very impressive.  

In Science, P5/6 explored what objects make high pitches and what make low sounds. We found that drums, whistles and guitars all make different noises for very different reasons.  

Things became very tense as pupils braved “The Hotseat”. The pupils listened to a section of text, devised their own questions and tried to outsmart the contestants.  

Wider Achievement 

Well done to Duncan who has successfully completed his swimming training. 

Horse rider Rosie took home another trophy in her latest competition. 

Jazmin won her church dance competition. Well done! 

Primary 6 

“We have been comparing different types of air masses.” (Michalina) 

“The Arctic Maritime brings cold and wet weather to the UK.” (Logan) 

“The air masses with the word ‘continental’ in them bring dry weather and they travel across land.” (Mylie) 

“The air masses with the word ‘maritime’ in them bring wet weather conditions and travel over water.” (Ellie) 

“We were creating angels for the Church.” (Lacey) 

“On Wednesday, some of us were making Strawberry Cheesecake. It was tasty! (Teigan) 

Primary 7  

This week we have been very busy in class. In maths we have been working on tricky multiplication sums. We have been consolidating our addition and subtraction strategies in mental maths. With Mrs Campbell we have also been working on perimeter which has been fun.  

We have been working in groups for our energy topic this week. We have been researching facts and information to display on a poster to share with the class.  

We completed the second last session of our Magix music maker programme on Monday. We are all very excited to complete our songs, transfer them to CD and share them with everyone.  

Well done to Deacon and Ollie for achieving their Accelerated Reading targets. 

Well done to all the pupils who received their Bronze certificates this week too.  






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