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Our Weekly News – November 23rd


Our Weekly School News – Sharing our learning with the school Community

Please have a read and a chat about what some of our Classes have been up to this week.

Primary 1b

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

This week we have been reading ‘Stickman’ by Julia Donaldson. We are working on making our own stickmen and retelling the story outside. We found Jacob’s stickman near Angus, William and Tiffany’s birthday cakes – he must like chocolate cake!

We have been learning 2 new sounds ‘j’ and ‘f’ and had great fun getting messy in jelly, foam and printing with fruit! We enjoyed having some of the parents and families in for ‘stay for a sound’ sessions – the children were excited to show the adults all of the language activities and particularly enjoyed playing splat the sound with them.

In Maths we are exploring measure; measuring objects and people. In the builders yard the children have been using metre sticks, rulers and measuring tapes when designing and building houses.

Brodie: “Eddie and me are making a haunted house and a haunted car”
Hannah: “ When I was making my lego, Flynn put William’s creation on it”
Zane: “Me and Max were sharing and playing with his toys outside – its Marvel toys and also I like doing our phonics”.
Tiffany: “I like doing our homework and learning our new letters”
Mya: “Willow and me were playing outside”
Ellie: “I love playing with Hannah”
Angus: “I have a Harry Potter lego set for my birthday from Uncle Chris”
Joshua: “I like playing with my friends”
Willow: “I like learning letters”
Beth: “I like making you, Mrs Thompson cards and pictures”
Beth: “I like learning the new sounds and doing the actions”

Brodie is taking Ben home this weekend – have fun Ben and Brodie!

Primary 2/3

Class Activities and Pupil Comments
We have been learning lots of new songs for the Christmas concert. We have also started to practise dances for our party in PE.
Aiden ‘I like doing the Santa dance.’
We wrote stories this week using story spinners to give us ideas.
Zoe ‘ I liked writing the story because I like reading stories.’
We finished our wet on wet wax resist pictures and enjoyed using the water colours to create different types of skies.
Abbie ‘ I liked the new board games.’ These were spelling games which are part of our morning routine.

Primary 3

Class Activities and Pupil Comments
This week, we have been building our own Castles outside. We worked as part of team to include the different parts we have been learning about – such as a portcullis, a drawbridge and battlements. We used different outdoor materials and we then labelled our castle.

In ICT, we have been exploring the use of a search engine. We have been using key words to find out about different Scottish castles and we worked with a partner to produce a simple fact sheet for Edinburgh Castle.

Primary 3/4

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

Ruby – “I enjoyed writing an advert for a knight”
Lydia – “I liked learning about tiling. We designed a new bathroom”
Tika – “I enjoyed thinking of shapes to make my tiling picture”
Nikola – “I really enojyed dancing this week. I was dancing with a ribbon”
Cameron – “I liked finding information about a Scottish Castle on the computer”
Alex – “I enjoyed doing maths this week. It was fun”
Kaidi – “I enjoyed labelling the parts of the knight’s armour”
Coby – “I enjoyed doing the really hard SAMSON sums”
Fern – “I enjoyed using different colours and shapes to make my tiling picture”

Wider Achievement
Coby is going to show off his football skills to some professional footballers this weekend!
Fern has been painting her new bedroom. She managed to paint half of it all by herself. Well done.

Homework folders should be brought to school every day.

Primary 4

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

P4 have been taking part in lots of fun activities to apply their fractions skills. This week we explored tenths, fifths and thirds. We used ICT to enhance our learning when comparing fractions and working out fraction problems.
Rylan: “I enjoyed playing the Auntie Pasta game and finding the correct slice of pizza”.
Emily-Rose: “My favourite was the Lego as I had to fit all of the correct bits together”.
Freya: “I was excited when I flipped the tiles over and I had got them all right”.
Fraser: “The dominos game was the best, I liked the competition with my partner”.

Vlogger team – Please have visited all of the maths websites by Thursday 29th.

Primary 4/5

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

This week we have been learning how to burn music onto a blank CD for our enterprise project.
Murray – It was really fun. We split up into pairs to burn the CDs. Callum and I got lots done.
Brooke – I learned how to burn CDs without making mistakes.
Oliver R – It was quite tricky at first, but with some help I got the hang of it.
In maths we have been working on our subtraction skills. This week we have been learning how to ‘borrow’
Brooke – borrowing is quite hard, I think I need some more help.
Lily – If a number is too big to subtract you have to borrow from the tens column.
Wider Achievement

Freya started football club this week. She loves it already!
Callum and Maxi won a competition at Cubs.

Please remember to learn words for our class assembly.


Primary 5

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

Primary 5 had a fantastic time at Dumfries Museum last Friday. We learned about how journalists of the day reported on World War One and portrayed it to those back at home. We learned about the importance of propaganda and the maintenance of morale in a wartime situation, the difference between the truth of what happened and what we now call “fake news”. We investigated in class groups some of the objects and photographs related to the exhibition. We explored the exhibition further to discover connections with what happened then and what happens now. This week we have learned about money values in maths with Miss Mackintosh and finished chance and uncertainty with Mrs Starkey. In literacy we have used active spelling in class and have started doing ‘book detectives’ which is a form of reciprocal reading.

Wider achievement

Well done Reece, Ruby and Skye whose gymnastics club won club of the year.


Primary 6

Class Activities and Pupil Comments
“P6 boys went to Carlingwark on Monday and Tuesday. We climbed Criffel. It was very challenging and it was also good fun.” (Jack)

“On the Tuesday, we did orienteering. We had to stable cards and you had to collect as many as you could.” (Cameron)
“On Monday night, we did a night walk around Threave and Castle Douglas. It was a challenge because we couldn’t use a torch!” (Fraser)
“Mountain biking was fun and a challenge!” (Jamie)
“In class, we were investigating how rain was formed and we carried out two experiments.” (Jake)
“We made our own wind vanes.” (Lewis)

Primary 6/7

Class Activities and Pupil Comments
Holly “ Our new topic is Natural Disasters”
We have added lots of facts about our learning to our learning wall including, the facts that families sent to us at the beginning of the week!

Aillie “ We made the structure of the earth using Oreo Biscuits, chocolate spread and smarties”.

Jaimie-Leigh “ Today we have been learning Scottish Dancing with Primary 7” We have attached photos of this to our weekly news.

Primary 6 pupils had a great time at Carlingwark.

Lucas “My favourite thing was mountain biking. It was really fun.”
Noah O “ My favourite activity was the hill walk.”
Kalim “I learned how to map read when in Dalbeattie forest”

Wider Achievement
Brooke and Noah S have joined Dance Club.
Adam took part in a swimming competition at the weekend and won two of his races. Well done!

A reminder that all children should bring their P.E. kits on Monday. Kits should be in school every day please.
Primary 7

Class Activities and Pupil Comments

Jayden – Today in maths we were doing tricky multiplication. It got easier once we got the hang of it!

Rory T – In maths we completed assessments and I got them all right! It felt good.

Elise –I was also proud of my maths assessment this week.

Charley – We’ve been learning about renewable and non-renewable energy. Renewable is better for the environment

Sami – In art we have been making angels for the church.

Tiana – In P.E we have been doing benchball. It was good doing the nominated person.

Katherine – We were doing our Big Writing assessment this week. It has taken a long time to finish it.

Tiana & Connor – We are proud because we got our Accelerated Reading target.

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