Our Weekly News – September 21st

Our Weekly School News

Sharing our learning with the school community. 

Class News 

Primary 1a    

Last Friday we celebrated Dot Day! We read a lovely story called ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds, and then decided to try and make our own dots using the things we found outside! We had some lovely designs and really used our imaginations!

This week we have also enjoyed learning more of our sounds, numbers and learning some simple French phrases! We learned how to say hello, goodbye and my name is. Well done for working so hard this week!

Primary 1b

We celebrated Dot Day in the classroom and the Nature Garden. We used the ‘dabbers’ to create dot pictures and collected natural objects to create our own dot art. Angus made a dot in the mud using a stick and Willow used leaves for her art work.

We have met two new characters in Ten Town this week – Freddie Four and Fiona Five. Freddie Four likes to go on adventures like our class bear Ben and Fiona likes to keep fit and healthy. We have been writing our numbers in the sand and Flynn made a fantastic Freddie Four using the wooden building blocks.

We are enjoying learning our new sounds and sharing our homework as a class. This week we have been learning ‘t’ and ‘i’ – our friend Inky Mouse is helping us with our sounds.

As part of our ‘All About Me’ topic we have been looking at eye colour. We used mirrors to make sure we knew what colour our eyes are (super idea Hannah!) and then coloured a picture of an eye to match our own. We collected all the coloured pictures in and created our own pictogram.

After the wild, windy weather we had a look at the school grounds to see the impact on the environment. A tree had fallen down, lots of leaves had blown off the trees and we tidied up the sticks that were lying on the ground.

Primary 2

P2 made a Mr Potato Head to help us match the correct word to the senses.

Floyd I liked sticking the face on and I matched all my words correctly.

I listened very carefully and I got my face in the right place.

We wrote stories called What am I? We had to think of an object and write three thing about it. Then we had to share our stories and everyone had to guess what it was.

Cara – I wrote about a butterfly. 

Clay – I wrote about a bat 

Luci – I wrote about a bear. 


Primary 3

We have started our new class topic this week – Forces and Friction. In the Nature Garden we explored different surfaces to investigate friction and we built ramps to see how we could make our cars go faster and slower. We have learned lots of new words about magnets, like ‘repel’ and ‘attract’ and we are enjoying investigating which materials in our classroom are magnetic and which ones are not. We carried out an experiment with paper clips to see which magnet was the strongest – Fallon’s one could hold 5 paper clips in a chain!

Primary 3/4 

This week we have been using our knowledge of place value to help us order numbers.

This week some of us have started accelerated reading.

Ruby – “It’s really fun!”

Emma – “The new library is a comfy place to read our new books” 

Leigha – “We have so many good books to choose from” 

We have also started our new topic this week.

Cameron – “Our new topic is forces and magnets” 

Fern – “I like doing forces and magnets beacuse I’m enjoying all the experiments” 

Leah – “We have been learning about different forces this week. They are pull, push and twist”.  

Jake – “forces make something start or stop moving. They can also speed it up or slow it down. 

Coby – “We learned that gravity is a force that pulls us down to earth”. 

In health and wellbeing we have continued our topic of SHANARRI.  

Tika – “We learned about A for Active today”.  

Alex – “We did some dancing on Go Noodle to help us keep active”.  

Kaidi – “I go to lots of different clubs to keep active”.  

Primary 4 

P4 have been using digital technologies to responsibly access and retrieve information about ocean creatures. In ICT the children have been researching, using a range of websites, to find out more about sharks, whales, turtles and octopus! They have searched for interesting images and videos of the creatures they have chosen and are now writing an illustrated fact file which we will make into a book.

In RME we are learning more about the Hindu celebration of Diwali. The class sequenced the story of Rama and Sita and have begun designing a Diwali lantern.

We completed our underwater adventure stories and added our star writers to our wall display. The divers in our display used their senses imaginatively in their writing and included super adjectives to describe. Can you guess who they are under their goggles and snorkel?

Primary 4/5

Coll – We have started to play rugby in PE.

Shea – I really enjoyed passing the ball with Freya. We both worked really hard, it was good fun.

Alannah – I now know that you hold a rugby ball up like an egg, not sideways.

Jesse-leigh – I enjoyed playing a new game called tag tig.

We have continued to read our class novel, The Boy at the Back of the Class. We heard Ahmet’s story about his journey from Syria to the UK.

Lily – Refugees run away from war to stay safe. Sometimes they have to go on a small boat in the sea. It can be really dangerous.

Lhlyaijana – We read that the boy in our book had to travel a long way just to get to a safe country. Sometimes they have to climb mountains and go over rivers.

Brooke – If you are a refugee you could lose some of your family in different countries.

Murray – The boy in our book likes to eat pomegranates because they remind him of home.

Shea – Ahmet likes football and comics. He is just like all the other boys and girls.

Maxi – Ahmet’s journey wasn’t easy. He couldn’t just jump on a plane.

Jesse-Leigh – Ahmet’s family were left behind and he is now living with a foster family.


Oliver R learned how to ride his bike. Well done.


Primary 5 

We have decorated our book boxes with blue paper and interesting quotes we found from the non-fiction books. We were using our knowledge of speech marks to put words we’d taken from the book into quotes and remembered to say who had written it if that information was included. We found out lots of useful information while we searched through the pages and it gave us a chance to read some of the non-fiction books we have in the classroom. These are now on display on the windowsill. We also used our measuring skills to work out what size of paper we would need to cover the length, width and height of the boxes

We have continued our work on shape with Mrs Starkey and place value with Miss Mackintosh.

In P.E. we have started learning about rugby skills. We learned how to throw a ball with our thumbs facing the person we are passing the ball to as well as how to pass a ball while on the move.

In RME. we have been looking at The 10 Commandments and came up with our own commandments for having a happy school

We are all enjoying our class novel ‘Kasper Prince of Cats’ and we try and find time at the end of each day to read this alltogether and have class discussions on important points.

Primary 5/6

Fantastic start to writing setting this week. We explored connectives and came up with some amazing alien sentences. We reflected on some of the hilarious names of people who should never become teachers in “Billionaire Boy” and created our own. Mr Coulthard’s personal favourites included Harry Bow, Jim Nastics and Dan D. Lion. The record was finally set straight about apostrophes and when to use them with the help of Education City. It has also been a great week for all the Accelerated Readers with most people managing to get full marks in their quizzes!

Primary 6 

P6 weekly news:

In PE, we started Basketball and were practicing dribbling. (Teigan)

We have been learning about place value in Maths. (Rhianna)

We began practicing a Christmas song with P6/7 for P4/5’s CD. (Seren)

We have been practicing capital letters in Big Writing. (Tyler)

We have been working on visualising where we read a text and describe what we see in our heads. (Fraser)

We have been practicing openers and WOW words. (Lacey)

Molly was away to Fife Highland Equestrian show at the weekend. She won a 1st, a 2nd, a 3rd, Champion and 2x Reserve Champions – Well done Molly!


Primary 6/7 

On Thursday we held our sharing morning with P7 – See their Weekly News for more info.

We finished writing our letters to St Gabriel’s Primary in Prestonpans. They were at Kingswood at the same time as us and we have been writing to share our experiences.

The Squares and Rectangles have been looking at adding decimal numbers this week.

This afternoon we had a discussion about our local farming community and the children should now be able to tell you all about the importance of silage and how the farmers feed their cows over winter.

Next week we will start a new topic on Cyber-Communities.

Mya will be doing a dance class with Adam Garcia!

Lexie Wa got new figures skate this week and she goes skating every Friday.


Primary 7

Sam- We had our Sharing morning. There were lots of people there, asking detailed questions. I was talking about climbing.  

 Ryan K- Lots if people were interested in finding out about abseiling. 

  Katherine- I talked about what I learned at Kingswood and the audience thought it was funny.  

 Sophie- It was really fun and quite tricky doing the rounding challenge. It made it easier working with a partner- I worked with Neave.  

 Ollie – I enjoyed finding out about how World War One started this week.  

 Deacon – I liked learning about what school was like 100 years ago.  

 Rory T – I am proud of getting 10/10 in my spelling test.  

 Ryan – I enjoyed being a wet weather buddy to P3.  

 Elise – I am enjoying my job helping at the nursery.  







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