Our Weekly Class News – September 14th

Our Weekly School News
Sharing our learning with the school community.
School News
We had an Assembly this morning when introduced to our new House Captains and Vice-Captains, Pupil Councillors and Global Gang members who all help with school activities and are looking forward to taking on their responsibilities.
We also talked about how everyone can help in school. Some of our ideas were to be kind to others, don’t drop litter and making sure the laptops in the library are tidied and put on charge when we finish using them.
Helping others makes you feel good too!
Some Class News
Primary 1a
This week we have been trying out some new technology in our classroom. The wireless headphones have gone down a treat and we are loving listening to songs, rhymes and stories!
Murry “This is my favourite song about the Stickman.” (Julia Donaldson)!
Lexi “This one is so funny… it’s talking about bananas! “
We celebrated Roald Dahl Day on Thursday by listening to some of the BFG and making our own dream catchers. We used our threading skills to decorate them and they look wonderful!
We have also started our homework this week and have done an amazing job so far! Well done!
Primary 2/3
In maths we have been continuing to learn about 3D shapes. This week we have been thinking about the properties of shapes. We have also started working on counting and how numbers are built using tens and units.
Eamon ‘ I like counting the edges of the shapes.’
In Health and Well Being we have been talking about all our different achievements. We designed medals for ourselves.
Alexander ‘I can count to 30 in French.’
Abbie ‘I was first in gymnastics.’
Gregor ‘I achieved moving into the green swimming group.’
Cooper ‘I make my bed and tidy my room.’
Aiden ‘I achieved full marks in my spelling test.’
We are all very proud of ourselves and each other.
P2/3 Reminder – It would be very helpful to have your child’s name on their clothing as it can get very confusing with what belongs to who after PE. Thank you
Primary 3
We have been enjoying exploring the brand new school library with the comfy chairs and cushions! We have been selecting our own books to read and share with our friends. We have been thinking about our favourite parts of the books we have been reading for our book studies and we have been enjoying using our class Listening Station as an activity.
Primary 3/4
This week we have been learning about place value in maths.
“It’s getting much easier now I’ve had some practice” – Alex
“I know how to split a number up into hundreds, tens and units” – Lucca
“It was really hard at the start but if you keep doing it it gets easier” – Ruby
In ICT we have been exploring Sumdog. We are having lots of fun!
“It’s helping me get better at maths” – Coby
“Miss McCall played against us – it was fun” – Leigha
“It is so much fun playing Sumdog” – Fern
We have also been learning about SHANARRI and our rights in health and wellbeing. We know that the H in SHANARRI stands for healthy. We created posters to show people all the ways to keep healthy.
P3/4 reminder – A reminder that homework folders should be brought to school every day.
Primary 4
As part of maths week Scotland, P4 entered a special nationwide maths contest on Sumdog. We began learning about shape and constructed buildings and towns using 3D shapes. We had to identify the vertices, faces and edges of each shape we included in our creations.
We worked out with Joe Wicks as part of Body Coach Schools Fitness week in PE. The class enjoyed the live streamed 20-minute workout alongside many other schools from across the world. In rugby we worked on the pendulum pass when standing still and when moving. We reordered ourselves in slow-motion and watched it back to self-assess. We are learning about the different creatures that live in each ocean zone as part of our topic. P4 made collage fish, experimenting with different colours and repeating patterns.
P4 reminder- Please bring in an empty, clear plastic, 500ml bottle with a screw top to use in our science experiment next week.
Primary 4/5
What a busy week in P4/5. We have been continuing to learn about rights and responsibilities. In pairs, we discussed what needs and wants are and how someone’s needs are similar to rights.
Brooke – We need to have shelter.
Alannah – We need clean water.
April – We need fresh air and nutritious food.
Coll – We need to rest and to play.
Charlotte – We need to go to school for an education.
Chloe – We need healthcare.
We now understand that our wants aren’t as important as our needs. We also talked about how it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from or what you look like, you still need all of these things.
In maths we have continued learning about place value and numbers up to 1000 and 10 000. We’ve also been revising what we know about 2D and 3D shapes.
This was our last week of team games in PE. We played Capture the Flag. In this game we all had to work together and come up with a strategy to win.
Hugo – You have to be a bit sneaky to win at this game.
Shea – Everyone took part and worked well as a team. They showed good sportsmanship.
Oliver R moved up into Cubs from Beavers.
Shea is learning new moves in gymnastics for his upcoming show.
P4/5 Reminder – Please can all pupils remember their full PE kits on a Wednesday and Thursday. This includes appropriate footwear.
Primary 5
This week we had pupil counsellor elections and all who volunteered for the role did an excellent job and made some great campaign posters. Isla and Douglas received the most class votes. Isla will be pupil counsellor until January and then Douglas will take over.
It is maths week this week! We have had a times tables treasure hunt where we were learning to increase the fluency and accuracy of our times table facts. Cards with numbers and letters on them were hidden around the classroom and we had to work out the calculations on their treasure hunt sheets to find the answer that matched with the correspnding letter. We also took part in Sumdog’s maths challenge competition and we have been continuing our work with Mrs Starkey on understanding 2D and 3D shapes.
In language we have been working on plot for our story writing. We have also taken part in Roald Dahl Day! We entered a competion to create a new bug for James and the Giant Peach and we have also used the first chapter of this novel to create our own ‘Incredible Introductions’. Titles include ‘Holly and the Hotdog’, ‘Max and the Marvellous Mini Cheddar’ and ‘Lacey and the Magic Lemon Tree’. We discussed our ideas of what makes an effective story introduction and later we will give feedback to each other based on what we have read so far of everyone’s first chapters.
In science, we discovered that some of our white flowers have changed colour overnight! Each table group tested if water dyed red, orange, yellow, green, blue or pink would change the colour of a flower. Pink was the most effective dye that caused a colour change. The flower changes colour because the food colouring travels up the stem of the flower and goes to the petals.
For our topic work we have created posters using our research skills to find interesting facts in non-fiction books.
This week was also the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. A few students were asking about this which led to a discussion on terrorism. We then read Malala Yousafzai’s Story as part of our learning on children’s rights and found out that it is still the case in some countries that not every child has the right to an education which we were all shocked about. We also learned what a refugee is and how we can help them should we ever meet one.
In class we have a ‘Kindness, Compliments and Creativity Notebook’ where children can write down when they think someone has done something kind or well throughout the day. In it, Sebastian has been praised for his hard work and determination to stay focused on a task this week. Well done Sebastian!
‘I think Sebastian has worked so hard so far’ – Summer
‘I think Sebastian is working very hard’ – Erin
Primary 5/6
This week, P5/6 have been learning about the importance of keeping a balanced diet. Joe Spud from “Billionaire Boy” loves chocolate and we decided that there’s nothing wrong with that as long as it is eaten in moderation. We also became the characters from the book through “Hot Seating”, where the class took turns asking and answering questions. Mr. C. was particularly impressed with P5/6’s cooperative learning skills. All pupils took on a variety of jobs within their group and worked together to solve a problem. We realised just how important cooperation is in order to experience success as a team.
Primary 6
“In PE, we have been working on team work and playing bench ball.” (Molly)
“I became P6 Pupil Councillor and feel very happy.” (Tyler)
“We worked as a group of 4 to create a collage of Queen Victoria.” (Logan)
“We have been learning about division this week. It was a little bit tricky at first.” (Michalina)
“We have been talking about different emotions in Circle Time.” (Megan)
“We were working on our Glow account with Mr Tyson.” (Tommy)
Primary 6/7
We are putting together presentations for our sharing morning next Thursday in the school hall. We will be sharing our learning from Kingswood and from the team building challenges held by Mr Tyson in school last week. We are all working hard to produce posters and find pictures that show our learning. We have been writing letters to some pupils from a school in Edinburgh that we met at Kingswood to share our experiences.
Kalim and Noah S went to Threave Gardens with Mr Tyson to hide the Geocache.

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