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Primary 1 Outdoor Activities – Autumn 2018

Numeracy – P5 Place Value

Primary 5 pupils were given the task of creating a Place Value activity for others to learn and practise their place value skills.

10 minutes planning time, 10  minutes developing and then sharing.

Click here to see a video!

Place Value P5

Town History Walk – P3

As part of their Castle Douglas Town topic Primary 3 pupils went on a walk looking for evidence of past Castle Douglas.

Click on the link for a summary of the activity.   Outdoor Learning – P3 Town Walk

Outdoor Art – August 2013

40 minute Outdoor Activity.

5 minute discussion – Design and make a piece of art using items from the playground. Each group may also use two pieces of chalk.

15  minute planning and collecting time.

10 minute creating time.

15 minutes sharing and tidy up time.

Outdoor Art Aug 2013

Bearings, Maps and Robert the Bruce – P5/6

P5/6 pupils – series of five lessons.

Activity sessions 1-3
Compass points and bearings, names of parts of a compass and using a compass – inside and outside.
Grid references and map symbols – locating position on 1:25000 map.
Walking on bearings in the playground.

History disucssion of the story of Robert the Bruce from 1296 – 1307 and Battle of Glen Trool.

Activity 4 – Preparing for the hillwalk -safety, equipment, etc

Activity 5 – The Hillwalk.
Walk round Loch Trool. Map reading, walking on a direction and  bearing e.g. East 090 – looking for features from the map to the ground and vice versa.
Plan and carry out an ambush!

Outdoor Learning – P56 Robert the Bruce Hillwalk

P5 Mary Queen of Scots Hillwalk

Following in the footsteps if Mary Queen of Scots from Carsphairn to Polmaddie along the old Pilgrim Road which led to Whithorn.

Planning notes – click to download – Mary Queen of Scots Hillwalk – P5

P5/6 Maths and Bird Hide Activities

Over a three week period P5/6 worked at three different outdoor learning activities.

(Download plans – Outdoor Learning – P5/6 Plans – March Activities)

Each session began with a class warm up game followed by group work
a) Photograph acute, right and obtuse angles in the environment and then use the pictures to create a maths resource which can be used to teach other pupils about angles.

b) Design a maths game to teach other pupils about multiples and factors.

c) Design a bird hide which has to
– be big enough for the whole group to use
– is wind and rain proof
– has a spy hole

Have a look at some photographs of our activities and read our comments too!

Video – Week 1


Video – Week 2

Week 2

Outdoor Learning Party

To end our block of Outdoor Learning activities we had a party on the day before the Easter Holidays.
At the start we split into groups to either build an igloo or make a shelter which the whole class could use.
Then we went back into our three groups

a) Outdoor cooking – melt mallows to make smores and heat water to make hot chocolate.
b) Obstacle race – try to get an ‘egg and spoon’ over the activity equipment.
c) Egg Drop – using only a few items we had to design something to protect an egg which we then dropped from the verandah – only two survived!

Easter Party

P5 Orienteering

P5 pupils enjoyed a day orienteering in Cally Woods.

Focus :
Maths – scale and distance, directions
Social Sciences – Woodlands, maps
Language – Listening and Talking
H&WB – Social and Physical Wellbeing, PE and Sport.
Technology – Blog posts

P1 Haggis Homes

P1 made homes for Haggis using materials found in the playground.

Focus : Listening and Talking and working together.

Planning notes : Outdoor Learning – P1 Haggis Homes

P6 Planets

Primary 6 pupils used the playground fence to show the distances the planets in our Solar System are from the sun.

This involved :
Technology and Language – gathering and evaluating data.
IT – designing a spreadhseet.
Maths – estimating and measuring the fence perimeter.
Problem Solving – working out a quick method to measure the fence.
Technology – sharing outcome with others.

Planning notes : Outdoor Learning – P6 Space

P6 Planets web

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