P3/4/5 reach for the stars!

P3/4/5 were selling stars in December for the pupils to write Christmas messages on to their friends, instead of writing lots of individual cards. The stars were 20p each and were displayed on a huge Christmas tree in the corridor for all to see. The class took a vote and the money raised went to The Scottish Cot Death Trust – a total of £15.40! Welldone P3/4/5.

2 thoughts on “P3/4/5 reach for the stars!”

  1. Well done to everyone – I know the SCDT apreciated the thought and the amount raised will be put to good use.

  2. Hi Catrina!

    I loved helping raise money for SCDT it was fun too!
    I also think your Coffee and Tea afternoon was exciting too,I mean you raised almost £1700 that is really really good!Umm I mean noooooo…IT IS BRILLIANT I MEAN WOW!The both amounts were amazing!


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