Scotland project
Our Katy Morag's Island

P1-4 have been studying Scotland this term – we found out where Scotland is on the map, typical Scottish emblems eg thistle, Scottish foods, Scots dialect words and songs and especially enjoyed the story of Greyfriars’ Bobby and learning about Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. We also learned about island life through the Katie Morag stories.
We recently visited Edinburgh where we went to see Bobby’s statue and laid a flower on his grave inn Greyfriars’ Churchyard. We also walked down the Royal Mile and spent time in the Museum of Childhood. We saw lots of old toys in this museum and enjoyed trying out some games and puzzles. In the afternoon we had lunch outside Dynamic Earth and we got to go inside as part of the P7 Surprise. We saw 3D films and had a look around all the different climate-zone rooms. We were very tired on the journey home. What a great day!

Museum of Childhood -all Dressed up

John "Auld Jock" Gray's grave