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Special ‘pudding’ label winner.

All the children have entered a competition at school to design a special Hardgate label to put on our Christmas puddings to sell at our Christmas fun night. The Ultimate Plum Pudding Company, based in Kendal in Cumbria, make the puddings and then complete them with a label showing our winning design on them. Here you can see Verity in P.5 with the winning design chosen by Mrs Jardine our school secretary. Verity’s seasonal design will appear on all the plum puddings for sale at our Christmas event.

P3,4,5 – Romans

The children in P.3,4,5 have been studying Romans during this term. They had their end of term trip to 2 venues on the same day. They visited Tullie House Museum in Carlisle and then went on to Birdoswald which is a visitor centre at one of the several points along the remains of Hadrian’s Wall. They had a guide to take them around the museum and a series of activities to do, all related to life in Roman Times. They then had a chance to wander around some of the remains of the Roman wall and look at the construction and how some of it has survived through time.

Money Matters

Children in P.3 to P.7 have been learning all about budgeting and managing money. This very important skill has been delivered by Pam Fraser, Financial Education Training Officer and Bev Wilkinson, Financial Education Officer. Pam and Bev are employed by Dumfries and Galloway Council and deliver a very important aspect of money management to equip us for life. All sectors of the community are catered for and age relevant material is used to educate the recipient audience with a view to helping make money stretch for all of our needs. Budgeting at an early age educates children into hopefully becoming responsible adults when it comes to dealing with money matters, and aid a life long planning strategy and understanding for all financial needs. Emphasis was put on NEEDS and WANTS, and an activity to furnish a bedroom on a budget was completed with the help of the Argos web-site. The children were very enthusiastic about both sessions of money matters.

Toy Time.

P.3,4,5 have been learning about forces and energy. Part of their homework has been to design a toy that required a force to make it work. Can you identify the force that each of these toys in the photographs below would need to make them work properly?