Budding DJ’s visit local Radio Station

On Friday 16th May the pupils in P6 and 7  paid a visit to our local radio station West Sound. They have been looking at various methods of communication and its development through the centuries. Each pupil compiled a list of questions and we then collated them  to create a set of interview questions to put to Tommy Jardine. Each pupil asked a question and we found out a lot about Tommy and his work and life in general. After the interview session another of the stations presenters, Stewart McCafferty gave us a guided tour of the recording studios and showed us how a day on air is planned out.  Stewart then recorded the whole class doing an introduction for a song, and programmed it into his computer for using later in the day. At 4.20pm Hardgate pupils were heard across the region introducing Adele and Rumour Has It !  We would all like to thank both Tommy and Stewart for taking the time out , during a busy schedule to show us the nuts and bolts of live radio. We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit .

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