Picnic Time !

Today (Tuesday 6th April) we took delivery of our new picnic benches. A few weeks ago, Natasha, Emily and Jude went with Mrs Courten to visit nearby Solway Recycling, which is a company that has grown over the last few years, making use of waste plastic from a variety of sources nationwide. They use this waste to produce items for resale to the public. The 3 pupils were given a tour of the plant to see how the process worked. Negotiations round the table were then led by Emily and an agreed price was reached with George Cloy, and hands were shaken to seal the deal. The children then discussed the colour combinations to be used in their picnic benches and the order was submitted. This activity all goes towards our aim for a green flag award. Hopefully we will be able to make good use of these benches in the summer weather.

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