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Shared Reading – The Daily 5

Today P4 shared their ‘Good Fit’ books with P1/2. P4 follow The Daily 5 literacy framework and they use i-pick to help them choose appropriate books for their ability and interests (see the poster below). P1/2 really enjoyed hearing stories being read .The P4s tested their comprehension too by asking questions.

Well done everyone!

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Skills for Life

P1/2 and P2/3 have been carrying out some Health and Wellbeing work.  P1/2 learned all about communication and P2/3 learned about Restorative Practice.  Last week, each class shared their learning with the other.

P1/2 taught P2/3 about the importance of good talking and listening and carried out some fun activities like putting jigsaws together with no talking aloud, using the communication ball and share some information about each other.

P2/3 created and performed some drama scenes to show us fall outs in the playground and how some problems can be resolved by talking things through.

Great work!

DuPont Trip

Today P1/2 and any pupils who hadn’t been before took a trip to DuPont Teijin Films.  We learned about what they make at the plant and had a look around the factory at the big machines that they use to make the film.  Ian told us about some of the things their film is used for, like the shiny cover on the Capri Sun and Crunchie we got to take home! Thank you to Ian and the team at DuPont as well as the parent helpers who came along!


Maths Outdoors

Today P1/2 worked with the P6s to learn about positional language.  They gave instructions outside using language like next to, on top, between, under and in to place objects.

We then moved on to using robot commands to give directions using language like forwards, backwards, left and right.  We also worked on half turns and full turns.

Well done everyone!

Maths Week

As part of Scottish Maths Week, P4 worked with P1/2 to help them with number work.  They used a variety of different resources including Numicon, cubes, number fans and whiteboards.  This has allowed P1/2 to have some 1-1 time helping them write their numbers or add and subtract.  For P4s, it allows them to share their knowledge and consolidate their own learning.  Well done!


This week P1/2 have been learning about food.  On Monday we chopped up fruit for a fruit salad, on Tuesday we made cupcakes and on Wednesday we worked on our spreading skills making toast and spreading it with butter and jam.