COVID Symptoms

Good morning, I have just been reading the posts from this morning. It is really difficult at the moment as there are many colds going around which have coughs as part of the symptoms. This could only get worse as winter approaches. I would always say to “err on the side of caution”. We are pleased that you have been doing this. Luckily all those who have had tests from the school have been negative but we don’t want to take any risks that it may not be.
At the end of last week we received the following information about what exactly is a new and continuous cough. This is what we were given “A continuous cough is a cough which lasts for longer than an hour, or three or more coughing episodes in an hour. For those who usually have a cough it may be much worse. A continuous cough will not be a single coughing fit.” We hope this helps.
If your child has a tickly cough and comes to school with this, there is still a chance that the common cold germs will be spread to others which may result in other children and staff being poorly and potentially having to be tested. If your child is fit enough they can come to school but we ask that if you feel your child’s tickly cough may result in others picking up a cold then to keep them at home to err on the side of caution. If at anytime your child comes to school and we feel that their condition is that they should be at home as they are poorly or there is a risk it could be passed to others then we will contact you to collect your child. It’s exceptional difficult circumstances at the moment and I know we all want to do the right thing to ensure everyone stays safe.
Another piece of information we received is what should happen if a parent does not want to have their child tested . “If a parent is not willing to have their child tested and they display one of the 3 covid symptoms then the child would be expected to isolate and not attend school for 10 days and the child’s household contacts including the parents should isolate for 14 days.
If in doubt about anything phone the school to check. It is really hard for all parents and the school at the moment, thank you for your support. Mrs W

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