P2-4 Soft start

Why soft start?

A soft start is designed to get a pupil’s brain ready for a day of learning.

Children have many demands on them, especially in this current climate. It is good for them to start days with some lighter activities that are not too intense.

Starting each day with a discussion of the day, some exercise and some reading will help relax children and get them geared up for the day.

Exercise options (15min – 20min)

A daily mile or a run about outside can be an option for some exercise but please adhere to current government advice regarding social distancing.

Alternatively there is some great warm up exercises online if you follow the links below:

Joe Wicks – Body Coach – Joe has loads of videos to get kids moving and will be hosting live PE lessons from Monday.

Cosmic Kids – Website filled with creative, fun and relaxing ways to get children moving.

Reading (20 mins)

Those children who have their learning packs can choose a book out of their pack and read it for 20 minutes. Children can alternatively read a book from home or go on Oxford Owl which has lots of free e-books in varied age groups. (Parents will need to sign up to this to access books).

Oxford Owl 

Reading can be independent or aloud with a parent/sibling. Children read aloud in class during reading groups but also have independent reading time too. I encourage my pupils to read aloud as much as possible (even with a very quiet voice in independent reading) as this really helps with processing  language.