P7 Transition

This year, due to the circumstances I’ve added a page for P7 Transition, to share all the information that has gone out, and also to act as a reminder for over the summer. Here is the general information that should be the same for all pupils in Dumfries and Galloway:

Young Scot Cards: Young Scot Cards are issued to every young person in Scotland and are usually sent out to us in the Primary School where we pass them on. This year the Secondary Schools are getting the cards and they are going to issue them. Along with loads of discounts for young people, the Secondary Schools use them for paying for school dinners, where you can put money on them before hand and then use them like a bank card. To put money on them you need to register for this website here when your child gets a Young Scot card:


As we have pupils going to two secondary schools I’ve put the specific information for each school on its own page:

Annan Academy    Lockerbie Academy