P2-4 Working from Home

Hello all,

I hope you are all keeping safe and happy in these challenging times.

I have adapted the blog so it now includes lots of information and resources to assist in learning from home.

Here is this week’s home learning priorities and challenge grid below (30/3/2020):

Home Learning Challenge Grid week beg 30.3.20


Please click the link below to find a “Learning Menu” which I have created as a flexible guide to assist in teaching pupils.

Learning Menu

Here are pages below that expand on suggested activities, giving details on how to carry them out, how long for and  direct links to helpful sites.

These pages are guides and timings are flexible.

There is a lot of information on here – please take your time and don’t try to do everything in a day. Spend this week getting used to changes and seeing what works best for your children/family.