P2-4 Maths

Each maths activity should be carried out for approx 15mins – Samson is designed to test speed so one big and one small sheet should take about 10 mins.


Children are now members of the IXL website as of this week. This was previously used by the school and it proved to be very popular. IXL offers personalised skill recommendations based on what each student has been practising, so they can grow from where they are. For this first week I suggest that pupils experiment with this website and practice maths skills of their choosing. As I get to grips with this new system I will start to give more targeted direction on using this. Thank you for your understanding. (Logins went home in Learning packs).

Top marks 

Top marks is a great resource for fun maths games. We regularly use this site to play games together on the whiteboard and by ourselves on the laptops. They have games covering all areas of maths from counting to symmetry to time.

Top marks 

Samson Maths

These sheets are found in your learning pack. They are used to improve children’s mental maths skills and speed. Children complete the sums using a timer and record their score. They are used to this system and can do independently. Accuracy is more important than speed!


Times Tables Practice 

Children can use their times table/division cards in their packs along with their whiteboards to practice (siblings got one set between two). They can copy out their tables, you can use the cards to quiz the children on their times tables – asking in running order or a random order.

There is also lots of fun websites out there to help with times tables practice –


Times Tables 

Maths booklets

I have included a general booklet of maths activities appropriate to your child’s ability. Please be aware we may have not covered every area but these are available to use if children want a bit more challenge in their maths. Use this if your child does not have access to the IXL website.